“Queer Planet” Promises a Wild, Science-Backed Look at Queerness in Nature on Peacock

Queer Planet Key Art with two flamingos forming a heart with their beaks.

Peacock is tossing the tired nature doc script this Pride Month with “Queer Planet,” narrated by the ever-sardonic Andrew Rannells. Forget the snoozy lion hunts and narrated mating rituals – this isn’t your grandma’s animal special. Get ready for tongue-in-cheek jokes about queer culture woven throughout, as “Queer Planet” takes viewers on a global expedition […]

A Royal Feast: The Queen Supreme Brunch at Virgin Hotels NYC

Allow me to whisk you away on a journey to the heart of Midtown Manhattan, where the vibrant Virgin Hotels NYC has opened its doors. Nestled in the lively NoMad district, this boutique hotel is privy to some of NYC’s most iconic architecture and is a stone’s throw away from the Big Apple’s hottest spots. […]