The Very Best Queer Events and Lesbian Bars in NYC

Where to Find the Best Nightclubs, Parties, and Events for Queer Women New York is a diverse and vibrant city bursting with culture, nightlife, and amazing opportunities to meet like-minded people of all backgrounds. As one of the most LGBTQ-friendly cities in America, New York offers a thriving LGBTQ scene, with countless bars, nightclubs, and […]

Update Your Playlist With These 25 Lesbian Singers

album covers of 6 famous lesbian singers

Embark on a harmonious journey through the world of lesbian artists, where music transcends boundaries and unites hearts. In this celebration of diversity, we delve into rock, pop, country, and R&B, discovering iconic and lesser-known lesbian singers who have left an indelible mark. From legendary trailblazers to emerging talents, lesbian singers have enriched the music […]

Everything The L Word Fucked Up

This has been a long time coming. The L Word ended in 2009, so it has in fact taken me about 1,000 rewatches to get here, I wish I was exaggerating. The L Word fucked us all up. Whether it was creating grossly inaccurate expectations for living, to grossly inaccurate portrayals of how to relationship. […]

The Best Chest Binder, From Someone Who Binds Daily

people wearing binders made by three of the top chest binder brands

Binding changed my whole world. Honestly, next, to chopping all my hair off nothing has been more gender-affirming for me than that first moment I put a chest binder on, pulled my favorite t-shirt over my head, and realized how much different it look. The shirt hung in all the right ways. As a gender […]

Our Favorite Swimming Binder: Dive into Comfort and Confidence!

gender non conforming person dives into blue water wearing a swim binder and shorts

Early this summer we put together a list of gender-neutral swimwear and now we’re adding our full swim binder list.  It’s always summer somewhere and with that comes the excitement of spending time by the water – whether at the beach or poolside. For many trans and non-binary individuals, the excitement of swimming can be […]

Gay-Friendly Malta Hosts EuroPride Valletta 2023

Pride Season is coming up in Malta, as they prepare to host EuroPride, one of the largest LGBTQ+ events with a Pride Parade in Europe. This year it takes place September 7th to 17th, with the EuroPride March on Saturday, September 16th in Matla’s capital, Valletta. 

Queer and Lesbian Swimsuits Allowing You to Embrace Your Individuality

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re stuck in the hot sun instead of diving in refreshing water, if that’s where you want to be. Finding a swimsuit you feel comfortable in is hard for a lot of people. Being trans, nonbinary, or gender non-confirming can add a specific layer of difficulty when trying to find a swimsuit that makes you feel comfortable. 

10 UK Trans Activists and Influencers You Should Be Following

The UK is becoming known as the world’s anti-trans hotspot. This is a disappointing and saddening fact, but it simply means that more work needs to be done to support the UK’s transgender community. From authors to YouTubers to social media giants, these are some of the UK’s best trans rights activists and advocates.