Gay-Friendly Malta Hosts EuroPride Valletta 2023

Pride Season is coming up in Malta, as they prepare to host EuroPride, one of the largest LGBTQ+ events with a Pride Parade in Europe. This year it takes place September 7th to 17th, with the EuroPride March on Saturday, September 16th in Matla’s capital, Valletta. 

Queer and Lesbian Artists That Make Us Swoon

Music is a powerful medium that connects us all. As cliché as it sounds, music has a way of telling stories and emotions that words alone can’t express. Whether it be through the melody or lyrics, music can connect us through a shared experience, which is why queer music is so important. We all want media that makes us feel seen and not alone. 

Queer Fashion as Empowerment, Activism, and Self-Love

Fashion is a very personal and important experience, allowing yourself to show who you are, take a stance, or find the clothing that feels most you. Whether it’s androgynous clothing or something super fem or masc, it’s incredibly valuable to find what makes you smile and what you’re excited to show the world.

Our Favorite Lesbian Bars in Chicago

Whether you live in Chicago and have been wondering what queer and lesbian bars there are, or are visiting and wanting to find some cool places to check out on your trip, we’ve compiled a list of the great queer and lesbian bars in Chicago to grab a drink, be gay, and find your community.

Nonbinary Actor Damian Terriquez on Industry Representation

Authentic queer, trans, and nonbinary representation is needed in the media because feeling seen can affect how you view yourself and your confidence moving forward within the world. If you see real people and beautifully written characters that feel similar to you, you gain inspiration and role models that show you that you can not only exist, but thrive in the world the way you are.

The Pride Atlas: 500 Iconic Destinations for Queer Travelers

Finding the queer safe spaces while traveling can be important for safety reasons, but also for feeling empowered and connected to the community. There are many queer places to visit around the world, including historic landmarks, museums, restaurants, bookshops, pride events, and more. 

Queer and Lesbian Tattoos to Show Your Pride

We’re not saying tattoos can replace therapy, but getting them definitely makes us feel better. They’re a great way to have fun with your self expression and showcase your passions. If you want a new tattoo that shows off your Pride, these queer and lesbian tattoos are great designs to consider.