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Gay-Friendly Malta Hosts EuroPride Valletta 2023

Pride Season is coming up in Malta, as they prepare to host EuroPride, one of the largest LGBTQ+ events with a Pride Parade in Europe. This year it takes place September 7th to 17th, with the EuroPride March on Saturday, September 16th in Matla’s capital, Valletta. 

Malta is an incredibly LGBTQ+ friendly destination. Its anti-discrimination laws were put into place in 2014, and has been ranked the top place of the Rainbow Europe Map & Index by IGLA-Europe since October 2015.

EuroPride Valletta 2023

EuroPride Valletta will start with an opening ceremony on Thursday, September 7th and have a Pride March and Concert on Saturday, September 16th. Throughout their Pride Week, there will be a myriad of events put together by Allied Rainbow Communities (ARC) and including other organizations. 

Focus of EuroPride 2023

The Pride Week will center queer arts and culture through “a cultural & artistic program of various genres, including exhibitions, theater, cabaret shows, film and literary arts throughout the week. Emphasis of the program will be on offering a platform to LGBTIQ+ artists such as drag, burlesque, theater and other forms of performing arts,” says Nicolas Bugeja, Allied Rainbow Communities, Malta.

There will be a Human Rights Conference, an LGBTIQ+ at Work Conference, and an Interfaith Dialogue focused conference.

In addition to set programming and conferencing, there will be a Pride Village in the Capital starting three days before the Pride March. The village will include local and international organizations as hubs of information and showcasing their work. This will also be a great area to connect with others.

Some local businesses will host events including socials, beach parties, and nights at the club.

EuroPride March

This family-friendly march will include different organizations, floats, performances, giveaways, speeches, and more. Afterwards, a concert will be held to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community, culture, history, and passion. 

But the celebration doesn’t stop there. An after party with drag artists, DJs, and performers will follow the concert.


Malta itself is a beautiful destination with a strong dedication to LGBTQ+ rights. With the sun shining, beautiful beaches, 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and a thriving nightlife, Malta is a great destination for EuroPride and year-round travel. 

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