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The Trans Journalists Association is Leading Trans Inclusion Efforts

The Trans Journalists Association is doing vital work to help the coverage of trans communities in media become more accurate and authentic as well as providing resources to support trans people working in the industry. 

As coverage of trans people, anti-trans laws, and other news regarding the trans community are in the media, not all of these stories are written by trans people and not all coverage is given in a respectful, nuanced way. 

The Trans Journalists Association (TJA) exists to combat this and provide guidance on coverage of trans communities. 

Style Guide

One of the ways TJA provides this guidance is through its style guide. This is a comprehensive document split into three sections. Section 1 is Guidance For Improving Trans Coverage, Section 2 is Terms and Phrases to Avoid, and Section 3 is Glossary of Terms. This guide goes over ways to improve trans coverage and states the important note that “the number one way to improve trans coverage is to hire trans people.” 

They also go over things like sensitivity readers, not deadnaming a person, even if sources do, writing trans stories that aren’t just the pain of trans people, and more necessary knowledge regarding trans coverage. This guide is extremely valuable and it’s clear that a lot of work went into making this crucial document.

For Employers

The Trans Journalists Association also has resources for employers to make the workspace safe, welcoming, and supportive for trans employees. There is a “Best Practices for Trans-Friendly Workplace Policies” document and a document on supporting employees that come out as trans.

For Trans Journalists

TJA has a wonderful network and online community of trans journalists that you can join by becoming a member for free. The community is full of support, opportunities, and connection with other trans people working in media.

The Trans Journalists Association is a wonderful organization that is doing vital work for the coverage of trans communities in media and for trans people working in the industry. 

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