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Queer Fashion as Empowerment, Activism, and Self-Love

Fashion is a very personal and important experience, allowing yourself to show who you are, take a stance, or find the clothing that feels most you. Whether it’s androgynous clothing or something super fem or masc, it’s incredibly valuable to find what makes you smile and what you’re excited to show the world.

DapperQ is a digital magazine for queer style that strives to inspire people of all genders and sexualities to find the clothing that best expresses their true selves. They dive deep into the way that queer fashion has many purposes, including authenticity, expression, and activism within the community. 

After years of amazing content, including digital media and in-person events, dapperQ put out a beautiful print book that features over thirty different queer style icons that talk about what their fashion means to them.

Visibility, Belonging, and Liberation

DapperQ Style: Ungendering Fashion by Anita Dolce Vita discusses the nuances, excitement, and empowerment that comes with finding your style. It’s split up into three parts: Visibility, Belonging, and Liberation. 

Part I: Visibility

Visibility discusses the way that queer fashion is used for self-expression, signaling to other queer folks, as a way to defy gender binaries, and as an act of activism. With icons such as MISS MOJO, Devin-Norelle, and Jordan Reeves, this section shows a myriad of beautiful stories and styles.

Dev Doee, Photo Credit: THE STREET SENSEI

Part II: Belonging

Belonging shows how style “can lead to an awakening and…help cultivate community” (Vita). Hutch Hutchinson, Dev Doee, IZZY MIZ, and more fill this beautiful chapter.

Part III: Liberation

Liberation explores fashion that defies gender norms and binaries. Androgynous fashion and clothes without gender are especially important to trans and non-binary communities. No piece of clothing is forbidden from any gender or gender expression, and this section shows the ways that queer people have beautifully presented their truest selves, inside and out. ALOK, Julian Gavino, Amber Hikes, and more fill these gorgeous pages.

DappperQ Style: Ungendering Fashion is a work of art. From the important conversations to the stunning outfits and photographs, this is a book I know I’ll go back to often for inspiration and a reminder to wear what makes me feel connected to myself and my community. This is definitely a book to pick up if you’re looking for uplifting and inspiring content. 

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