Hornitos Tequila Stands up for Marginalized Voices

two black gay men sitting on front steps drinking Hornitos

As if we needed another excuse to have margaritas – Hornitos Tequila is taking a stand for marginalized people. Hornitos Tequila is a leading premium tequila brand founded on the belief that nothing great ever happens without taking a chance. They’re putting their money where their mouths are and backing marginalized nonprofits and creatives.  Each […]

The First Timer’s Guide to Buenos Aires Argentina

Androgynous Argentinian lesbian standing in front of the Women's Bridge in Buenos Aires

When I received a message from Pablo De Luca asking me if I’d like to speak about LGBT travel at Argentina’s famed GNetwork360 conference – I immediately jumped at the opportunity. I love it when I get to present at conferences and talk about the LGBT community. It’s no secret that at EveryQueer we provide […]

Lesbian History: 15 Lesbian Historical Landmarks to Pay Respects

When I came out in 1998 I was the only LGBT person I’d ever known about. I thought I was completely alone until I saw Ellen on the cover of Time Magazine. Little did I know I’d spend my entire adult life surrounded by queer women. It would be another 10 years before I learned […]

The Ultimate Contiki Review: Do Contiki Tours Live Up to the Hype?

Before I started this website, long before I ever had stamps in my passport or had traveled internationally, I used to stalk Contiki on social media. For years, I thought of international travel as an unattainable desire that only became a reality for those with rich parents or much older people who’d landed big bucks […]

Belmond Hosts First LGBTQ+ Luxury Train Journey

Belmond has a long history of LGBTQ+ inclusion. They consistently go above and beyond to provide excellent service to our community. I know first hand because I’m a member of Belmond’s LGBTQ Advisory Board. We meet at events around the world and discuss ways we can make the Belmond experience the best it can be […]

Why is Stockholm One of the Best Vacations for Lesbians?

Lesbian couple laughing playfully in front of St Jacobs Kyrka in Stockholm

I’ve been to Stockholm a couple of times now and was blown away by the simplistic beauty of the city and the relaxed progressive values of the Swedish people. I was so excited when Stockholm LGBT invited me back to their city after the pandemic that I couldn’t help but hype the city up for […]

The Best LGBT Photographers Documenting Our Community

Two brides, one in a suit with shoulder length blonde hair and one bride in a gown with a dark hair in a veil. Their foreheads are close together

Photography plays an important part in documenting the experiences of queer people. LGBT photographers have documented everything from the biggest touchpoints of the queer rights movement all the way through the tiniest most intimate details of our journey to create families of choice. Media representation of our community hasn’t always been as accessible as it […]

58 Smokin’ Hot Queers Were Lusting After

In January, EveryQueer published our first-ever list of queers killin’ it in the LGBT influencer game. This was by far the most popular article of our launch but was by no means exhaustive of all the incredible queer folks doing interesting things in our community. With this article, we aim to highlight movers and shakers […]

EveryQueer Magazine Launch Party Celebrates with 200 Queers in New York City

After months of teasing – it’s finally here. This past week we launched EveryQueer with Brooklyn’s hottest DJ Amber Valentine at one of the most popular queer parties in NYC. In all, we managed to get about 200 people through the doors of Misster Weds at The Woods to celebrate a brand new adventure in […]