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Quiiky Tours Teaches The Untold History of Gay Italy

Quiiky specializes in gay Italy tours and provides in depth historical tours of the former Roman empire, classical queer artisans, and modern Italian LGBT culture.

Italy is one of the most visited countries in Europe, it’s no surprise that gay Italy tours would be saught after. Especially with the history of Italy being so rich in LGBTQ+ culture. However, there are lots of lesser-known facts about Italy’s LGBTQ+ history that many don’t know about.

 These aren’t just for queer historians to ponder; these tidbits can make your next trip to Italy an unforgettable one as well! Get ready to explore the untold history of gay Italy with these fun facts from Quiiky Tours, the leading LGBTQ travel company in Italy. 

Quiiky Tours explores the often-hidden history of famous LGBTQ+ people, many of whom have had an enormous impact on art, politics, and culture. As the first Italian-based LBGTQ tour operator, Quiiky Tours has established a comprehensive network of gay-friendly vendors, hotels, and community organizations in Italy. 

These connections allow travelers to enjoy a fully supportive and inclusive environment throughout their visit, with a guarantee of accommodations in hotels that are fully respectful of their rights.

Book one of their guided tours of some of gay Italy’s most popular cities that reveal the extraordinary legacy of Italy’s gay art, history, and culture. They don’t shy away from the true stories of our people in Italy, even when it’s controversial. 

woman painting on a canvas on the canals of venice

From exploring Homosexuality in Ancient Rome, and comprehensive full-day tours such as Leonardo da Vinci’s Genius Under a Gay Light. Or helping guests to understand the queer underpinnings of the Catholic Church in Rome – Vatican Museums in a Gay Light, their gay tour of the Vatican, and the Vatican Museums. 

Among these are the company’s fascinating “Untold History” tours are several tours that take a deeper look at gay Italian art history like Florence: Renaissance Under a Gay Light or The Opera And The Drama Queen Of Milan

If you’d prefer longer multi-day tours Quiiky also offers 49 different LGBTQ+ tours to all corners of Italy. 

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