Putting Shame Off-Kilter

Sex should not be a taboo subject. Many of us queer folks didn’t grow up with proper sex education, let alone the ability to talk about it shame-free. What brings us pleasure shouldn’t be shameful.  Of course, there are appropriate times to talk about sex, but in those times, people should feel free to talk […]

The Importance of End-of-Life Planning for Queer and Trans Folks

Death, and just about any tangentially related topic, is super depressing and unpleasant to talk about. Even worse is having to think about the end of your life—and how you want it to play out—in great detail. But reflecting on the topic now, before any bad shit happens, can save you and the people close […]

My Marriage Wasn’t in Trouble—But We Needed Couples Therapy Anyway

I’m well aware of the stereotype; I’ve seen it perpetuated in plenty of movies and tv shows: Couple in crisis waits until they’re on the brink of divorce, then goes to marriage therapy. Couple splits up anyway. That scenario has played out very differently for me and my wife, Sam. We’ve been married for five […]

145 of the Best Queer and Lesbian Sex Toys

Because I’m a selfless solider of the queer community – I’ve spent the last year reviewing the best queer and lesbian sex toys. It was very scientific and not at all self-serving. Okay, maybe it was slightly self-serving. But it’s for a good cause.  The lesbian community is plagued with stereotypes, misconceptions, and outright falsehoods […]

Ultimate Guide to Lesbian Dating Apps to Meet the Girl of Your Dreams

Lesbian Couple kissing on the city streets

Lesbian dating apps and websites are a popular way in the queer community to make friends, date, hook up, or find a forever match. From the option to state your pronouns and sexual orientation from day one to find the one other invisible femme in your small town, lesbian online dating has revolutionized some of […]

Best of the Web: Queer Porn That Doesn’t Suck

While we have more access to porn than ever before, the vast majority of it can leave you scrolling through clips for hours or unclear about what to buy that you will really love. As a sex therapist and educator, it one of my sworn duties to help folks find what turns them on so […]

10 Questions to Consider When Planning Your LGBT Honeymoon

Questions to Consider When Planning Your LGBT Honeymoon Okay, this one may seem obvious but honeymoon planning can seem seriously overwhelming with so many options out there. Here’s a guide to get you started in your trip planning!  What type of travel is most enjoyable for you? Are you a big-city person? Do you enjoy the […]

Queer Woman Seeks Paid Sex in Amsterdam

I’ve spent most of my summer on a pride tour of Europe with Gay Star News for the #MyGayPride campaign. Pride is one part celebration and one part community gathering, with a dash of protest. Despite what the media tells straight people, its focus is not all leathermen, hooking up, and finding the best sex […]