The Best LGBT-Friendly Hotels

Two women on the beach in front of a hotel. One is on the other's back

For LGBTQ+ travelers, the quest for a safe haven after a day of exploration can be a significant concern. The ever-present possibility of discrimination can overshadow the desire to unwind and truly relish a well-deserved break. This guide sheds light on reputable hotel brands distinguished by their unwavering commitment to fostering a welcoming and inclusive […]

Puerto Rico Vacation: Why More Lesbian Vacations Should Happen Here

I mean we’re beautiful, the island is beautiful that’s a pretty good place to start in my opinion. I visited Puerto Rico for the first time this winter. As an American, specifically and American based on the east coast admitting that sounds almost ridiculous. That’s part of the problem, not enough Americans are considering a […]

Is Kex Hotel the coolest place to stay in Portland?

kex hotel lobby with large green leafy plants

The cold rain fell in sheets, splattering the sidewalk. Rush hour traffic splashed down the street, the cars’ red brake lights reflecting off the puddles. This was Portland, Oregon, in winter: soggy and dark, at times as appealing as putting on wet socks. But I was ensconced in the ultra-hip new Kex Hotel, thawing from […]

How to Spend the Perfect Weekend in Oxnard, California

The small seaside city of Oxnard California is probably the most charming town I’ve ever visited. National Parks. Vineyards. Cliffs nestled beside crashing waves. Scenic marina views. Dolphins. Sea lions. Foxes, for some reason? Fresh seafood. It kinda sounds like I’m describing a bunch of different locations, doesn’t it? Nope, I’m describing one small destination […]

The Ultimate Queer Weekend in NYC 3 Day Itinerary

I consider myself a New Yorker not just by zip code but by personality. I wasn’t born in New York but I found myself there. I had the personality of a New Yorker before ever realizing there was an entire city of fast walkers and fast talkers just like me. For me, New York City […]

10 Best Romantic Lesbian Resorts in the United States

Sometimes, you need a few nights away at a romantic hotel to keep the sparks flying. Fight those lesbian bed death stereotypes and make your partner swoon with some of our favorite romantic lesbian resorts in the US. All of the properties are lesbian owned so you know you won’t run into any issues while […]

3 Day Lesbian Philadelphia Guide

While Meg and I were living and working full time in Washington, DC we were constantly looking for quick getaways to maximize our time together. I was working in the car business, and Lord knows they don’t care if I ever spend time my wife. Averaging just 6 days off a month and never two […]

Travel Guide to Baltimore Maryland

Travel Guide to Baltimore Maryland While living in Washington, DC we knew Baltimore was the perfect getaway weekend or even day trip spot for us. Despite the fact that we have lived within a few hours of the city neither of us have had many opportunities to explore. Meg had visited a few time for work and I’ve […]

Travel Guide to Banos Ecuador

Baños, Ecuador  – or  Baños de Agua Santa – was one of our favorite places on our wedding trip to Ecuador. We spent our actual wedding at My Sacha Ji Wellness Hotel but the first six days of our adventures were spent backpacking in Banos. We would go back again in a heartbeat. This lesbian […]

LGBT Friendly Hotel Review: The Hotel Astor at Miami Beach

Palm Trees in Miami Beach

The Hotel Astor is a recently redesigned boutique hotel in the heart of the art deco district of Miami’s South Beach. My partner Lindsay and I were invited to check out the new design and enjoy the South Beach area in exchange for this honest review. South beach is a louder, more party-oriented area, but […]