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Portland’s Pride: Showcasing LGBTQ-Owned Businesses

There is no other way to say it, Portland is queer and we love it. After our first visit, we put together a gay Portland travel guide to make planning simple. But, now that we’re back we want to share a new way to experience the city through its vibrant LGBTQ. 

Gay Portland is thriving with a fantastic blend of LGBTQ+-owned businesses that truly capture the spirit of this weird city. We’re talking about everything from innovative queer winemakers to trend-setting hair stylists, all woven into the fabric of Portland’s community. This city is an open invitation to support and enjoy the creativity and entrepreneurship of its LGBTQ+ residents. We’ve spotlighted 18 incredible places where you can not only shop and enjoy services but also feel the inclusive, welcoming vibe that Portland is known for.

Pick and choose what excites you from our travel guide, mix a visit to a few LGBT-owned businesses, and a handful of lesbian nightlife events, and take a trip to explore the nature of Hood River and you’ll have a well-rounded week in the PNW.

Gold & Grit

If you’re hitting up Portland and want to dive into some authentically cool queer culture, make sure you swing by Gold+Grit Barber Company in the Slabtown neighborhood. Run by the dynamic duo Alaina and Nate, this all-inclusive two-chair barbershop is a gem for anyone looking to switch up their style or just grab a clean cut. 

I had the chance to visit Alaina and Nate at their shop and for them, it’s not just about getting a haircut—it’s an experience. We got to chat about one of my favorite topics: queer haircuts. Whether you’re thinking about a baby mullet, rocking an undercut, or going bold with a full bowl cut, Alaina and Nate are the masters of non-traditional styles that are popular in the queer community right now. For queer folks considering that big chop, this is the place to do it. Gold+Grit isn’t just a barber shop; it’s a gender-affirming space where you can feel safe and supported in expressing your true self. Alaina and Nate can create a look that not only turns heads but serves as a perfect template for other barbers to follow, making your life easier even if you’re not always close by. So, if you’re in Portland and looking for a fresh new look, you know where to go!

Roots & Crowns

Tucked in Portland’s bustling Slabtown neighborhood, Roots & Crowns is a queer-owned apothecary offering a unique array of natural skincare, perfumes, herbal remedies, and self-care essentials. Each product in this cozy shop is thoughtfully curated, often inspired by real customer requests, creating a personalized shopping experience.

Whether you’re searching for a new face serum, essential oils, or a calming tea blend, Roots & Crowns caters to everyone’s needs with a heartfelt touch. It’s a must-visit for anyone interested in natural wellness.

Sports Bra

In the heart of Portland, The Sports Bra isn’t just a bar; it’s a vibrant hub that celebrates the burgeoning popularity of women’s sports. Opened in 2022 by chef-owner Jenny Nguyen, this venue captures the spirit of a year when women’s sports have truly taken off, drawing crowds and inspiring fans like never before. The establishment is decorated with memorabilia from some of the biggest names in women’s athletics, creating an inspiring and uplifting environment.

While The Sports Bra isn’t exclusively a queer space, it champions inclusivity, ensuring that everyone feels safe and appreciated. Welcoming all ages until 10 PM, it’s perfect for anyone looking to enjoy a game in a supportive environment. The menu champions women-led enterprises, featuring products from women-owned breweries like Freeland Spirits, Carman Ranch beef, and Vibrant Valley Farm produce. Nguyen’s dishes, inspired by family recipes such as “Mom’s baby back ribs” and “Aunt Tina’s Vietna-wings,” add a personal touch to the experience.

Whether you’re there to catch a Portland Thorns game, cheer on your favorite women’s sports teams, or simply enjoy a night out, The Sports Bra offers an infectious atmosphere that celebrates women’s sports.

Hip Chicks Do Wine

Hip Chicks Do Wine, is a fun wine-making space in the heart of Portland. 

During my recent visit, I had the wonderful opportunity to chat with Laurie Lewis, co-owner and trailblazer in the Pacific Northwest wine scene. Laurie, alongside her partner, proudly stands as one of the first out lesbian winemakers in the region. She shared insights about their journey, noting how many of their reserved bottles are named after their son, and introduced their special Pride-themed wines: “Loud and Proud,” “Out and Proud,” and “Sappho Sweet.” These wines not only celebrate pride but also support related events and funds.

Laurie also brought attention to the vibrant queer wine community, with events like the Queer Wine Fest just outside Portland in Dayton, and the “Made with Pride” event in Portland itself. These events are key in celebrating and supporting the LGBTQ+ community’s rich contributions to the wine industry, providing a welcoming space for all to enjoy and explore exceptional wines.

Mid afternoon Tasting at the Lesbian owned Hip Chicks Do Wine in Portland

Community Wine Bar

I visited Community Wine Bar, a welcoming spot just a 15-minute drive from downtown Portland, where I met with co-founder Vivianne Kennedy. This innovative bar, founded by Vivianne, a transgender woman from RAM Cellars, and Cristina Gonzales, a Latino winemaker of Gonzales Wine Co., focuses on making wine accessible to marginalized communities. Together, they leverage their collective quarter-century of winemaking experience right in the Portland metro area.

In addition, the region boasts significant contributions from Remy Drabkin of Remy Wines, one of Oregon’s prominent queer winemakers. Beyond crafting fine wines, Remy serves on the McMinnville City Council, chairs the Affordable Housing Commission, and works with the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task force. She also helps lead the Oregon Wine Board’s Education Committee. In 2020, Remy co-founded Wine Country Pride, bringing LGBTQ+ Pride celebrations to the Willamette Valley. This year, as part of the festivities, Remy Wines will host the world’s first Queer Wine Fest, a landmark event in the community.

Sissy Bar

Derek Palmer and Truman Cox have created Sissy Bar,  a vibrant LGBTQ+ “video lounge” that pairs classic cocktails with a Colombian food menu. Around the venue, TVs play a lively selection of music videos, adding a layer of campy pop culture entertainment to the experience.

Farmhouse Kitchen & Friendship Kitchen

Farmhouse Kitchen

Both vibrant spots are queer-owned. Kasem Saengsawang’s Farmhouse Kitchen dives deep into the bold flavors of northern Thailand. The menu bursts with dishes like Hat Yai fried chicken and blue rice chicken, perfectly capturing the region’s culinary spirit.

Friendship Kitchen

Step into the cozy ambiance of Trang Nguyen’s Vietnamese eatery, where you can indulge in chicken wings, garden rolls, bún bò Huế, cơm tấm, bánh mì, and lemongrass chicken bowls. Don’t miss their creative cocktails—the “Lychee Is For Lovers” mixes rosewater, gin, Giffard Lichi-Li, lemon, simple syrup, and crushed rose sugar, topped with a rosebud. Meanwhile, the “Pho-jito” playfully combines the essence of pho with the freshness of a mojito for a unique fusion delight.

Citizen Ruth

Citizen Ruth is a go-to intersectional feminist gift boutique, right in the heart of Portland, Oregon. It’s not just a store; it’s a vibrant celebration of ethics, art, and activism. At Citizen Ruth, you can find an incredible array of high-quality, feminist-approved treasures—from books to clothing, and from jewelry to home accessories. This place is seriously stocked with pieces from over 250 female, queer, and marginalized artists and makers from around the globe.

It’s not just about shopping; it’s about supporting a community of artists who are making a difference with their work. Plus, it’s located right next to Tin Shed—making it the perfect spot for a relaxed morning of delicious breakfast followed by some delightful browsing.


Drop into Either/Or, an LGBTQ+ owned coffee bar known for its eclectic mix of coffee cocktails and zero-proof mocktails, this spot is a haven for coffee lovers looking for something a little different. The popular “Big Salty Russian,” a playful nonalcoholic twist on the classic White Russian topped with cinnamon chocolate coffee salt, is just one of the unique offerings here.

Owned by Ro Tam, Either/Or is not only known for its creative coffee creations but also as a proudly queer-friendly space that attracts a large LGBTQ clientele. Whether you’re after your daily espresso fix or something more inventive, Either/Or is the move. There are also a bunch of outlets throughout the space making it easy to pull up a chair for a couple hours of work.

Tin Shed

Christie Griffin and Janette Kaden are at the helm of Tin Shed Garden Cafe, a cozy, eco-friendly, and dog-friendly café that’s earned spots on the Food Network and in the New York Times. They serve up everything from breakfast burritos to biscuits and gravy, with both sweet and savory breakfast platter options on the menu. I opted for the savory platter, complete with mushroom gravy, and let me tell you—it was out of this world. It was so delicious, that I immediately texted a friend to rave that it was the best breakfast I’d ever had!

Shine Distillery & Grill

Jonathan Poteet owns this delightfully queer restaurant, bar, and small-batch distillery located in the historic Williams district. It’s a spot where joy meets the community, especially during the weekly drag brunch events every Saturday. The menu is packed with tempting choices like craft cocktails, beer, and wine, not to mention hearty bar fare including wings, Idaho nachos, popcorn chicken, burgers, and artichoke dip.

Mis Tacones

After relocating from Los Angeles to Portland, Carlos Reynoso and Polo Abram Bañuelos brought a slice of California street food magic with them. Their venture, Mis Tacones, started as a pop-up and has blossomed into a full-fledged restaurant, dishing out vegan delights like tacos, tortas, papas nachos, and Cali burritos, all wrapped up in hand-pressed tortillas served with flair. Inspired by Oakland’s Gay4U Vegan Eats, Reynoso and Bañuelos are committed to community support, offering free meals to trans people of color upon request.

Doc Marie’s

Doc Marie’s has quickly become a cornerstone of the vibrant gay Portland scene since its opening in 2022. Known affectionately as a “lesbian bar for everyone,” this venue spreads out over two lively floors, each boasting its own bar and seating area, with a DJ spinning tracks downstairs to keep the energy up. For those who love a good read, there’s a charming queer book corner nestled on the top floor.

The bar is not just a fantastic spot for a date or a night out with friends; it also hosts a variety of events that cater to the community. Highlights include Queer Prom, Queer Latin Night, and Queeraoke, making it a hub of activity and connection.

All Burn Wax

All Burn Wax in Portland is your go-to for some truly unique candles. Owned by a cool queer AAPI BIPOC human, this spot churns out pretty hand-poured candles. Many are topped with gorgeous dried flowers, adding a splash of natural beauty. Plus, the scents? Totally unique. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your space or just love collecting distinctive candles, All Burn Wax has got something special for you.

Flame Pizza

Lil’ America, the new hotspot in Portland’s food cart scene since 2023! It’s a vibrant gathering of BIPOC and queer chefs whipping up some seriously inventive and tempting dishes. Dive into the snow cheese chicken at the Korean fried chicken cart, Frybaby, or treat yourself to the fry bread bakes and other authentic Guyanese delights at Bake on the Run.

I had a Blanca Fresca pizza from Flame Pizza with lemon zest ricotta, garlic confit, and arugula. It was bright and light with a perfectly fired crust.

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