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Portland Lesbian Bars and Queer Events to Find Community and Fun

Portland is a hub for queer community and culture. There’s so much going on every week, you’re almost guaranteed to find something you like. Whether you’re looking for bars, dancing, sports, or picnics, here’s a guide to the Portland lesbian bars and reoccurring queer events you should check out.

Doc Marie’s 

Doc Marie’s is a lesbian bar that opened in 2022. They’re known as a “lesbian bar for everyone.” They have two floors, each with its own bar and seating, and a DJ downstairs. There’s even a queer book corner on the top floor. They host many events, including Queer Prom, Queer Latin Night, and Queeraoke. This is a great date spot, place to grab drinks with friends, or go to one of their events!

The Sports Bra

Although not solely a lesbian bar, The Sports Bra is an inclusive, uplifting space. The Sports Bra was founded in 2022 by Jenny Nguyen as a way to cultivate community and center women’s sports. They only play women’s sports on the TV’s, including soccer, basketball, and gymnastics. Although not solely queer, The Sports Bra creates an inclusive space for everyone to feel safe and heard. They are all ages until 10 PM. Memorabilia, including signed jerseys and flags from the biggest names in women’s sports, adorn the walls. With great food and all women owned or operated breweries filling the beer list, this is a great place to spend time with friends, uplift women empowerment, and have fun in a safe environment.

Lez Prom Portland

This yearly event is a great opportunity to go to the queer prom you always dreamed of. They are dedicated to queer women and non-binary people, ensuring that everyone feels comfortable and safe. You’re encouraged, but not required, to dress up in formal wear that feels fit for a prom! Whatever you feel the most comfortable and cool in is the best option. They have a zero tolerance policy for hate and bullying. All of their bathrooms are gender neutral. They aim to cultivate an uplifting, inclusive environment that lets you enjoy this night of dancing, music, and more to your heart’s fullest.


Judy is a sapphic centering, queer, 21+ dance party that started in 2014. After taking a short break, the party is back and better than ever. With an amazing lineup of DJs, dancing, and drinks, this is a hot spot to be in Portland.


UwU PDX is a trans, gender non-conforming, and queer trans people of color artist collective that hosts queer dance parties uplifting queer folks and the BIPOC community. They often spotlight local DJs at parties and on their radio show on xray.fm. 

Queer Babes Portland

Queer Babes Portland hosts ““meetups for sapphics, queer women & non-binary/gender fluid people.” They’ve held queer picnics, beach parties, backyard parties, clothing swaps, and more. Their events are 21+. This is a great organization to keep up to date with if you’re looking for sapphic and trans meetups in Portland. 

Open Slopes PDX

Open Slopes PDX is a skiing and snowboarding group that strives to make these sports, and all snow sports, accessible and fun for queer and BIPOC folks. They host a variety of events on and off the slopes, including BIPOC shred, Queer Shred Social Hour, clothing drives, a Queer and Trans BIPOC Shred, and more.

PDX Unity Ride

PDX Unity Ride is a bike riding social club that centers on “trans, non-binary, women, gender curious, and gender expansive individuals.” They host different rides for queer people, including themed ones around certain holidays, like their costume-encouraged Halloween ride. They’ve also had lighted night rides, music rides, and more. It’s a great way to do an activity you love with a community you feel supported in!

Queer Social Club

If you’re looking for a way to stay in the loop with numerous other queer events throughout the city of Portland, the Queer Social Club calendar is a great way to do so. They post about many of the queer events in Portland, including nightlife events, best summer spots, sports events, and more.

To find other great places to go in Portland, from food to shopping and more, check out our Gay Portland Travel Guide.

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