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Should I Take THIS Vacation: Things to Ask Yourself

Sorting out the details of booking a vacation can be stressful. Knowing whether we have a good deal, that the destination is right and if it’s worth the hassle can be confusing and stressful.  For some people, this uncertainty and added stress may make it feel it’s just easier not to. Plus, we all have busy lives. That looming concern of a last-minute cancelation (find out more about cancellations) can at times feel like too much to handle.   

However, traveling is good for the soul. The benefits of travel couples fill up multiple posts on their own. Of course discovering new foods, language, culture and customs are hardly scratching the surface.  If you are on the fence about taking the trip to ask yourself these questions. 

Total Cost of the Trip 

The price of a vacation will certainly impact your decision.  It goes without saying we are all more likely to purchase if we feel like we’re getting a good deal. Do not hesitate to look around and see what prices are available. This might mean haggling with your travel agent, using comparison websites or simply waiting for sales. You might also be interested to learn that regularly clearing your browsing history wipes cookies and keeps booking costs from rising. I have experienced prices changing by up to $50 this way.

Cheap is great but always keep in mind you get what you pay for. There are phenomenal accommodations at all price points. Like all things, just don’t pay for the budget-friendly accommodation and expect the luxury experience. 

Woman laying on a sun bed at a resort in Playa del Carmen

How easy is it to get there 

There are a lot of things to factor in with the logistics of a trip. Obviously the various modes of transportation can affect both the timeline and the cost of the trip. Flying is obviously the quickest but also the most expensive. (keep in mind this is not the most  environmentally friendly option). Driving gives you additional freedoms in your destination but also means you’ll spend more time in transit. For some the road trip is half the fun so don’t immediately rule it out. I also urge you to consider trains and buses. I’ve taken the bus from Merida to Belize and was shocked at the level of efficiency. I also look at trains in Sweden and sleeper trains in Egypt. The trains feel more like an experience and less like transportation. 

Contiki Egypt Group October 2017

Annual leave

As Americans, our annual leave is significantly lower than many places in the rest of the world. Sometimes, deciding to go on vacation can be as simple as whether you have enough annual leave left. If you do – go for it! Asking for the time off can be stressful. We all know that office politics can feel so difficult to navigate. The thing to keep in mind is that you can’t pour from an empty cup. Taking care of yourself means you’ll ultimately be a better employee. 

Reviews and recommendations

Word of mouth is my favorite way to learn about a new destination. Hearing a friend or family member passionately describing an experience they had in Thailand makes me want to hop on the next flight. Another good way to tell whether a vacation is right for you is to check reviews. If you’re booking a package deal through a well-known company, there will be plenty of reviews on the website to scroll through. However, most people who leave reviews will either be complimenting or complaining about their experience, so make sure you take the reviews with a pinch of salt. Vacations are deeply personal. What each person is hoping to get out of them can vary drastically. For some people, the dream trip includes a beach chair and a great cocktail, for others it’s climbing Machu Picchu. Both vacation styles are valid and will fill up someone’s cup beyond measure. 

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