LGBT Friendly Hotel Review: Lucky Dreamer Lodge, Belize

If your bucket list includes spending the night in a treehouse, we found your spot. When we partnered with GlampingHub, we were instantly obsessed with finding the perfect treehouse lodge to stay. Only to be totally blown away by the gay-friendly Lucky Dreamer Lodge in Cristo Rey Village, Belize.

GlampingHub is a collection of nature-based accommodations, think Airbnb but for booking a few nights in tents, yurts, treehouses or tipis. With most of the GlampingHub options, the accommodation is an integral part of the adventure, not just a place to crash at night. The absolutely proved to be true with our experience at the Lucky Dreamer Lodge.

Meg, my mom, and I enjoyed three glorious days here. Each day, cooking fresh produce in the outdoor kitchen, playing board games on the deck while listening to howler monkeys or hiking to local waterfalls. We soaked up each second in this tranquil location. Every night when the sun went down we each settled in to reading our own books, enjoying one another’s quiet company.


Our trip to the Lucky Dreamer Lodge started in Merida, Mexico. We opted for the ADO bus which is our favorite way to travel long distances in Mexico. All the buses have clean bathrooms, movies, charging ports and the most comfortable seats I’ve encountered on any form of public transit. We split the bus trip up with a stop at our favorite beach in Tulum. The first part of the trip in about 4 hours and cost $11 USD.

The next day we woke up early and caught our second bus. This one took us from Tulum to Belize City in slightly under 6 hrs and cost $39 USD. On this half of the bus ride, you do make two stops to go through Mexican Customs and Immigration and then Belize Customs and Immigration. The process was pretty simple, the whole bus stops everyone takes their turn going through all the lines then you just hop back on the bus.

At the Belize City bus station we caught the local bus to San Ignacio. This bus ride took about two hours. There is a local and an express option but to be honest we just couldn’t figure out which was which. Once in San Ignacio, there is the option to hop on a different van (San Antonio) or take a cab. Our hosts provided us with all the travel details well in advance to make the trip as easy as possible. Meg is an absolute wiz with all things public transit and got us there easily. For anyone traveling from outside of Mexico or ya know just with a bigger budget than us you can obviously just fly into the Belize City Airport and start the trip from there.


We could not possibly talk about our stay without mentioning our hosts Cheryl and Jeff. To say they went out of their way to make our stay comfortable would be an understatement. Even before we stepped on the property they were easy to communicate with. Upon arrival, they went over all the details of the casita and the local area. They also have a tour guide that they work with and are able to help set up activities in the area. They were also just a lot of fun to sit and chat with.  

The Lime Tree Casita is located overlooking the Macal River and is perfect for two people. We were dying to take my Mom on an adventure with us so Meg opted to spend all three nights sleeping in a hammock on the porch. While she actually really enjoyed snoozing out there it is certainly a spot for two people. Once inside the casita, you will realize the Jeff and Cheryl thought of absolutely everything! I honestly can’t think of one thing a person might want while staying that has not been provided. The deck was undoubtedly our favorite spot. At night you can hear howler monkeys and early in the mornings Meg even did some bird watching. One thing that has to be mentioned is that even though the location feels remote the wifi is strong. Even if you plan to take some time to disconnect it’s always nice to know you have the option.

What we really enjoyed is the ability to create your own experience. We certainly chose to stay pretty low key, mostly just enjoying the property and our time together. If we had been looking for a little more adventure it wouldn’t have been hard to find. There are waterfall hikes, horseback riding, kayaking, bird watching tours, amongst other things.  The first night we got to town we were absolutely starving, without hesitation Cheryl and Jeff recommended a place less than 3 minute walk from them. That restaurant is called Faldy’s and without the recommendation, we undoubtedly would have undoubtedly walked passed it. Luckily we made it and enjoyed beans and rice, a quesadilla and nachos for about $10.

The following day was Saturday so we caught a ride to the San Ignacio Market with Cheryl and Jeff. The market had an incredible selection of produce, meats and some already cooked food options. We loaded uploaded up on all kinds of fresh fruits, vegetables, and some eggs. For the remainder of our stay, we cooked. The outdoor kitchen is fully stocked with all the pots, pans kitchen gadgets you can imagine. We loved cooking an early dinner at the neighbor’s chickens pecked all around the grounds. They also have fresh herbs and fruit trees growing that we were able to pick and use. Fair warning the tree growing near the casita has orange fruit but it is a lime tree. Much of my entertainment Meg learned that the hard way.

Before heading out of town with did check out one of the restaurants in San Ignacio. The spot we picked is Crave House of Flavor and we enjoyed a delicious meal. The menu was a nice size and the prices were good. Bonus, there is an ice cream shop attached and a cool mural across the street.