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Colorful & Rainbow: Photography Locations in Miami

Miami is a photographer’s dream, especially if you’re into bold, colorful backdrops. When we were there exploring some of the city’s most exciting lesbian events we also set out to find the best photo spots in the city, and we hit the jackpot. Miami Beach wowed us with its iconic, super colorful lifeguard towers against the stunning blue ocean. In Wynwood, its 6 blocks of colorful street art everywhere you turn. The Design District was just as awesome, with its sleek buildings and modern art making for some super cool shots. As LGBTQ travelers, we were pumped to find lots of rainbow art ranging from small slap art to a full rainbow glass installation at the airport.  Miami’s colorful spots aren’t just great for photos—they capture the vibrant, welcoming spirit of the city.

Lifeguard Towers

The Miami Beach Lifeguard Towers are arguably the most iconic photography spots in Miami. The brightly colored lifeguard towers strung along the sand are just as fun and essential to the city’s visual identity.

Despite their prominent place in popular culture today, these lifeguard towers are a relatively recent addition. After Hurricane Andrew devastated South Florida in 1992, the original lifeguard huts were nearly all destroyed. In a forward-thinking move, the City of Miami decided to redesign them as future icons. Architect William Lane took on the task of designing and constructing the first new stands, with subsequent towers commissioned by local business owners or resulting from design competitions.

Today, Miami Beach boasts 31 of these vibrant towers, attracting photographers from all over the world. With their blend of flowing forms, bold colors, and Miami’s unique Tropical Deco style, these towers continue to impress and inspire. A few of our favorites include:

15th Street Lifeguard Tower

This bright orange and pink tower screams 90s and we’re into it.

12th Street Lifeguard Tower (Rainbow Lifeguard Tower)

Rainbow anything is a hit at this queer woman-owned media company. This tower has the 6 traditional stripes and is painted in slightly vintage tones that keep it perfectly aligned with the vibes of Miami Beach.

Art Deco District

Miami Beach’s Art Deco Historic District is packed with stunning architecture, with over 800 Art Deco-style buildings crammed into less than one square mile. It’s actually the largest collection of Art Deco buildings in the world! The pastel colors and retro neon signs make it super photogenic, especially at night. For the best shots, try to get there early before it gets too crowded. The Carlyle is a personal favorite, but half the fun is stumbling upon hidden gems and finding unique angles.

Miami Design District

queer person taking photos in the miami design district

The Miami Design District is a super cool neighborhood known for its modern architecture, luxury shops, and awesome art installations. It’s one of the best photo spots in Miami because there are so many unique places to shoot within just a few blocks. You’ll find a bunch of spots, from the futuristic Fly’s Eye Dome to the colorful murals. Shop, stop for a coffee at one of the luxe cafes, and up your photo game.

Dior Cafe

lesbian woman in sunglasses drinking a latte at the Dior cafe in Miami

The café is located on the 3rd floor amidst a gorgeous garden setting. The coffee, served in beautiful china, is surprisingly delicious. A stunning blue wall in Joile de Jouy pattern with the Dior name is perfect for a chic photo op. While the prices are what you’d expect at a luxury fashion house café, the experience is worth it.

Pro Tip: Only phone cameras are allowed, so leave your other gear at home.

Museum Garage

photos of a lesbian couple dancing and holding hand in front of a hot pink wall

Museum Garage is a popular Miami Instagram spot particularly the hot pink slide and cargo net attached to the side of the building on floor 6. Also, there’s a cute courtyard around the corner with a cafe cart that serves amazing matcha and has a bright yellow wall perfect for portraits. The painted 7th-floor parking area is beautiful, but the sloped section you see all over social media is closed off. For the best pics, avoid the brutal rooftop sun early or just before sunset.

Palm Court Garage

This garage itself is just a parking garage. The Insta spot is the “Fly’s Eye” Dome in the middle of Palm Court just overtop the entrance to the garage.


lesbian couple skateboarding together in front of a brightly colored mural

Wynwood is one of Miami’s most vibrant neighborhoods, packed with colorful street art and a trendy atmosphere. The Wynwood Walls is of course a must-see, with a $12 per person entrance fee you are guaranteed to see some incredible pieces. But the streets are also packed with incredible, constantly changing murals. The area is full of trendy cafes, unique boutiques, and cool galleries. Trying to point you to an exact spot is tough here because things change so quickly, the tip here is to grab a coffee at Panther Coffee and give yourself time to want and be inspired.

Wynnwood Jungle

lesbian couple kissing on the cheek and holding donuts

Has a cool donut shot, The Salty Donut, donuts are gorgeous and we loved the sort of hidden, shaded garden down the alleyway. Not a photo tip but a tip nonetheless, the homemade pop tart situation is delish.


1-800-Lucky is a popular Asian food hall. The food is good, the vibes are high and some retro neon signs are fun to shoot and experiment with.

Wynnwood Walls

Wynwood Walls is an outdoor museum in Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood, featuring large-scale murals by artists from around the globe. It’s a bold and dynamic space that showcases some of the best street art. We loved stumbling upon some LGBTQ art pieces.

Miami International Airport

lesbian woman in front of hristopher Janney's "Harmonic Convergence" at the Miami international airport

Miami International Airport is not just a transit hub—it’s also home to some of the city’s best photo spots. Before you even leave, you’ll find yourself mesmerized by the museum-quality public art on display throughout the terminals. One standout is Christopher Janney’s “Harmonic Convergence” at the MIA Mover Station – Skyride Connector. When the Miami sun filters through, it’s a burst of color and energy, making it perhaps the best photo spot in Miami, right at the start of your journey.

8th Magic Mountain

Ever heard of the Seven Magic Mountains in Las Vegas? Well, meet the “8th Magic Mountain” by queer artist Ugo Rondinone. This vibrant sculpture, located in front of the Bass Museum of Art, made its debut during Art Basel Miami in 2016. It’s a must-see spot and perfect for capturing some eye-catching Instagram shots!

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