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Boost Your Confidence: With the Best Queer & Lesbian Underwear

I’m taking a risk here and know I’m going to sound old but “back in my day” lesbian underwear just wasn’t a thing. As I started experimenting with style and learning about androgynous clothing, gender-neutral underwear remained a mystery. I was obsessed with the idea of the thick waistband peaking over my jeans:: eye roll:: but the weird fit and of course, the pouch made everything uncomfortable. 

Fashion is an extension of identity, and becomes a canvas for self-expression. Not being able to find something that fits your style or is gender-affirming is frustrating at best. Enter these 12 brands shaking up the landscape for androgynous underwear and creating products with style and comfort in mind. 

Before we go any further let’s clear one thing up. While this list leans into briefs and boxers the type of underwear that you wear does not make you more or less of a lesbian. Let me say that again, wear whatever underwear makes you feel most authentically you. Your identity is as valid in a lace thong, as it is in a pair of rainbow-printed boxers.


In my opinion, Woxer is the leading brand in this segment. They have tons of matching sets with cool patterns and all sorts of colors. They also come in 9 different lengths which I love and think caters to lots of body types. 

They have a good waistband and the fabric is soft and stretchy. I also like that the fabric is thinner and more breathable than many of the other briefs I’ve worn. They’re constantly dropping new color combos and have coordinating bralettes which is awesome if you want a matching set. 

They are a bit on the pricier side if you’re comparing them to panties but on par with the cost of most briefs marketed to men. I strongly believe they’re worth the price but would recommend following the washing directions on the package to keep the waistband from losing its elasticity. 
For what it’s worth my favorite styles are the Star 3” inch for regular life and the Baller 5” for under workout shorts.


If you like fun patterns MeUndies is a good option. They have tons of fun colors and constantly releasing new collabs. I’ve got a soft spot for this Space Jam pair. They have multiple styles to choose from including a boyshort. 

Both the briefs and the boyshorts have a thinner waistband than many of the others on this list so if you prefer that check them out.


One of our favorite binder brands is also making some killer gender-affirming underwear. Urbody has the best range of products for a broad range of gender identities. They have a Compression Short as well as a Packing Compression Short along with a variety of thongs. 

Urbody is a brand that embraces inclusivity and body positivity. Their range of underwear is designed with a focus on providing comfortable and flattering options for a variety of bodies. Their designs often prioritize functionality without sacrificing style.


TomboyX specializes in gender-neutral underwear that caters to a wide range of identities and body types. They have tons of lengths ranging from bikini to 9” briefs in a bunch of different colors. They also have packing underwear and tucking underwear in a variety of cuts. One of the best things about TomboyX is that all of their products are size inclusive with most products ranging from 3XS to 6X. 

The fabric of the briefs is on the thicker side. I love wearing them like shorts to lounge around the house but under clothes, in a hot place things do get toasty. 

While I think they make great briefs the product that is a real game changer for me is the TomboyX Period Underwear. Trying to balance needs as a person who gets a period and also wearing garments that feel gender affirming can be difficult. These period underwear take some of the stress out of that time of the month.

Play Out Apparel

Play Out Apparel has a bunch of bold colors and patterns. Their Flat Front collection eliminates the pouch but maintains the thicker band the signifies a lot of more traditionally masc underwear. 

They have a couple of styles in a mesh which I think is perfect for putting on under unlined pair of swim trunks.

Androgynous Fox

A high-quality black brief is hard to beat. The ones from Androgynous Fox are cotton with a good amount of stretch. They also have a front pouch for packing.

I appreciate that the website has a really nice sizing guide with instructions on exactly how to take your measurements.

Alpha Forward

I’m adding this one as a bit of hope and a prayer. Alpha Forward is a lesbian-owned clothing brand creating products specifically for active women. They have things like joggers, boardshorts, t-shirts and hoodies all specifically designed to fit cis female bodies in a more masculine way. But I added them to this list because they released underwear called “base shortie” which were life-changing! If they bring them back they’re a must-have.

They are a smaller company that does a lot of limited item drops and sometimes preorders. If you follow them on social you’ll get updates when about the date/time for new releases.

WAMA Underwear

WAMA Underwear offers a great pair of boy shorts underwear that offer full coverage making they’re awesome for all-day wear but also phenomenal for active wear. Crafted from a blend of 53% hemp, 44% organic cotton, and 3% spandex, and has a 3-inch inseam which I love. WAMA pioneers the hemp underwear industry, showcasing the fabric’s natural benefits such as antibacterial properties, softness, and breathability, while raising awareness about hemp as a sustainable clothing option.


We introduced you to RodeoH in our best lesbian sex toys article because they make one of the best harnesses on the market. However today we’re talking gender-neutral underwear and unsurprisingly they also have a great version. They offer a bunch of boxer and brief options in patterns and solid colors all with the pouch for optional packing.

One awesome thing I learned on TikTok recently (all credit to @thexmanont) is that, unlike some other packing underwear, the RodeoH briefs do not set off the TSA body scanner. As we all know getting through TSA is a big hurdle for trans travelers, so this is a huge tip.


Huhas is a remarkable brand in the realm of health and hygiene, particularly for individuals with vulvas. Their products feature an anti-microbial lining, which helps maintain a healthy balance, a vital factor for trans-masculine individuals undergoing hormonal and pH changes. Huhas offers a diverse range of styles, from briefs and cheeky to bikini, low-profile thongs, and high-rise thongs. These undies are incredibly comfortable, wash like a dream (no pilling!), and stay in place without rolling down under your tummy. Plus, they even offer comfortable thong options, a rarity for many. As a Vancouver-based, women-run brand, Huhas is poised to launch its official website, promising quality and comfort for all.


urBasics is the go-to Canadian destination for products catering to the LGBTQ2+ community, offering trans chest binders, FtM and StP packers, gaffs, and more. Among their offerings, UrBasics’ packing boxers stand out for their seamless design. These boxers fit exceptionally well, providing comfort and affirming support by keeping everything in place.

What sets urBasics’ packing boxers apart is their front pocket, ideal for securely holding a packer. This feature eliminates the need for the time-consuming and costly process of coordinating separate packers and boxers. These cotton packing boxers, reminiscent of classic men’s underwear, ensure a natural look and practicality, allowing individuals to confidently express their authentic selves.


ThinkX stands out among period underwear brands as the ultimate choice. Having tested numerous options, I can confidently attest to their exceptional comfort, durability, and support, ensuring security and ease during your menstrual cycle. Highly recommended, especially for plus-size individuals, they offer unparalleled protection and coziness. It’s worth noting that some testers found the band slightly snug, so consider sizing. The Thinx For All Super Absorbency Brief excels as an everyday period panty, featuring a cotton-like texture and a thick gusset for exceptional absorption. 

While the fabric may feel a bit bulkier to some, it provides added support, akin to a comforting hug. Priced under $20, it’s a cost-effective, high-quality choice that can absorb up to four teaspoons of fluid, enabling a distraction-free day. Due to the thicker fabric, these briefs may fit tighter, so opt for a larger size if you seek a comfier fit. The boyshort cut and sleep shorts offer versatile alternatives, ideal for a boxer look under loose-fitting pants.

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