Exploring Queer Culture: Artistic Ways to Document Your Travels

Queer travelers today are redefining how they document their journeys. From photo editing on the go to generating stunning digital art with text prompts, capturing authentic cultural experiences has never been more creative.  Thanks to these innovative methods, LGBTQ+ adventurers turn ordinary travel memories into vivid narratives that celebrate diversity and expression. AI-generated artwork offers […]

Queer Boston Travel Guide

view of Boston from the back of a ferry

Welcome to Boston where queer herstory and a lively LGBTQ+ scene blend seamlessly. The capital of the first U.S. state to legalize same-sex marriage, Boston proudly celebrates its vibrant queer community. With one of the largest LGBTQ+ populations on the East Coast, the city with rainbow flags fluttering from homes and businesses is as inviting […]

Colorful & Rainbow: Photography Locations in Miami

queer people vist one of the best rainbow photo spots in Miami, the rainbow lifeguard tower

Miami is a photographer’s dream, especially if you’re into bold, colorful backdrops. When we were there exploring some of the city’s most exciting lesbian events we also set out to find the best photo spots in the city, and we hit the jackpot. Miami Beach wowed us with its iconic, super colorful lifeguard towers against […]

SweetHeat Miami, a Safe Space for Queer Women

colorful events posters for SweetHeat Miami

Miami Beach Pride takes place every year in April. While there are some phenomenal events for lesbians. Miami’s unofficial Pride for queer women of color is SweetHeat Miami a week-long event created for women of all backgrounds and identities in the Miami area that expects to see more than 50 thousand women in attendance. SweetHeat […]

Portland’s Pride: Showcasing LGBTQ-Owned Businesses

lgbt owned thrisft shop in portland oregon

There is no other way to say it, Portland is queer and we love it. After our first visit, we put together a gay Portland travel guide to make planning simple. But, now that we’re back we want to share a new way to experience the city through its vibrant LGBTQ.  Gay Portland is thriving […]

Building Community: Finding Lifelong Friendships on Olivia Vacations

queer women building friendships through travel

Joining an LGBTQ+ women’s trip is as much, if not more about being surrounded by our community as it is about experiencing the destination.  We sat down and asked the team at Olivia Travel to describe what makes their business stand out and they explained the meaning behind their motto “Beautiful Together”. This phrase sums […]

Beyond the Parade: Uncovering Miami Beach Pride’s Hidden Gems for Queer Women

Miami Beach Pride isn’t just an event; it’s a colossal celebration that ignites the city’s biggest celebration of the year. From its humble beginnings as a neighborhood gathering, Miami Beach Pride has evolved into a global phenomenon that anticipates over 150,000 attendees, drawing in international stars and a lineup of entertainment that will leave you […]

10 LGBTQ+ Women’s Vacations with Olivia Travel

a collage of multible groups of LGBTQ+ women on vacation

Wow, we’re calling in the big guns with this one.  Lesbian vacation expert Olivia Travel has offered inclusive and empowering experiences for lesbian and LGBTQ+ women for 30+ years. As the company charters entire ships, resorts, and excursions, guests can freely express themselves in a supportive environment without the stress or uncertainty that often comes […]

Hood River’s New Winter Pride: From Mountains to Main Street

queer travelers on the mountain at Mt Hood Meadows for winter pride fest

Welcome a brand new winter pride event, you’ll want to add to your calendar, immediately. First, let me introduce you to Hood River, a small city 1 hour outside of Portland nestled amidst the breathtaking Columbia River Gorge. Here nature transitions with stunning rapidity, offering landscapes ranging from lush rainforests to open prairies, all within […]

LGBT Guide to Visiting Jordan

My journey to Jordan was nothing short of extraordinary, so good it ranks as one of the best trips I’ve ever experienced. I started on this adventure with a sense of curiosity and a touch of uncertainty, not quite knowing what to expect in a country with a unique blend of tradition and modernity. However, […]