LGBT Guide to Visiting Jordan

My journey to Jordan was nothing short of extraordinary, so good it ranks as one of the best trips I’ve ever experienced. I started on this adventure with a sense of curiosity and a touch of uncertainty, not quite knowing what to expect in a country with a unique blend of tradition and modernity. However, […]

Empowering Intimacy: Lesbian Lingerie for Every Body and Every Love

lace boxers from fleur du mal are our definition of upgraded lesbian lingerie

For a large percentage of mascs, a sports bra and some boxer briefs are about as close to lingerie as we get. But what if I tell you lesbian lingerie can be more than a Calvin Klein set?  In the world of lingerie, it’s not just about turning up the heat in the bedroom; it’s […]

Boost Your Confidence: With the Best Queer & Lesbian Underwear

three types of queer and lesbian underwear. two on gender nonconforming models and 3 pairs on a white backdrop

I’m taking a risk here and know I’m going to sound old but “back in my day” lesbian underwear just wasn’t a thing. As I started experimenting with style and learning about androgynous clothing, gender-neutral underwear remained a mystery. I was obsessed with the idea of the thick waistband peaking over my jeans:: eye roll:: […]

Should I Take THIS Vacation: Things to Ask Yourself

lesbian couple, one masculine and hispanic one feminine and blonde holding a map planning a trip

Sorting out the details of booking a vacation can be stressful. Knowing whether we have a good deal, that the destination is right and if it’s worth the hassle can be confusing and stressful.  For some people, this uncertainty and added stress may make it feel it’s just easier not to. Plus, we all have […]

Puerto Rico Vacation: Why More Lesbian Vacations Should Happen Here

I mean we’re beautiful, the island is beautiful that’s a pretty good place to start in my opinion. I visited Puerto Rico for the first time this winter. As an American, specifically and American based on the east coast admitting that sounds almost ridiculous. That’s part of the problem, not enough Americans are considering a […]

Best Restaurants in Downtown Grand Rapids

There is a huge push to eat more local, in-season produce and of course, live a  more sustainable life. Something that restaurants downtown grand rapids have been doing well before this year. When Meg Ten Eyck and I were invited by Experience Grand Rapids to visit this midwest city I knew almost nothing about the […]

15 Great Things to Do in Grand Rapids

androgynous lesbian sitting in front of "all you need is love" sign

We were able to spend a long weekend discovering all the best things to do in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Both Meg and I have been chasing summer for the better part of two years. So when Experience Grand Rapids invited us for a long weekend in the fall we were ecstatic. We’ve had a mutual […]

Best Restaurants in Pittsburgh: The Ultimate Guide to Pittsburgh Food

For a long time, Pittsburgh was considered an upping and coming food city and maybe even city in general. Those days are over, Pittsburgh has arrived in all the ways. The Pittsburgh food scene is thriving right along with the rest of this beautiful city. Narrowing down the truly top restaurants in Pittsburgh is tricky. […]

What to Wear on Safari: A Full Packing Guide

Figuring out what to take on a safari is flat out intimidating! There are undoubtedly more “rules” for what to wear on safari than almost any other trip I’ve taken. Going on an East African safari has been a dream for years. I wanted to follow every suggestion out there that would lead me to […]

It’s not just hair; My Lesbian Hairstyle

My hair is a dark mass of course curls. When left to its own devices it sticks straight up in clumps of wire like swirls. While I was growing up, it was never a priority and was perpetually swept up into the standard issue basketball practice bun directly on the top of my head. Now […]