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Why TomboyX Compression Tops Are a Game-Changer for All Body Types

Are you looking for a stylish and gender-affirming addition to your wardrobe? Check out the compression tops from TomboyX. Their compression collection takes its cue from their popular classic tank design, featuring a smooth finish, flatlock seams offset from the shoulders, high armholes, and a longer length for streamlined lines and support. Made with stretch and power mesh fabric, these tops are designed for all-day comfort.

Compression tops are sometimes considered a less restrictive alternative to chest binders. Crafted from softer fabrics, they compress more gently than traditional binders, helping prevent breathing problems, skin irritation, and excessive sweating. They also flatten the shape of the chest without limiting movement or breathing, making them perfect for activities like exercising, singing, or dancing.

Want to learn more about chest binders or swim binders? We’ve got articles that dive into finding the best binders to keep you healthy and comfortable, as well as the most size-inclusive options available. Dive into our resources and find the perfect fit for you!

Compression Top

TomboyX Image

Are you looking for a comfy alternative to traditional binders? Check out the TomboyX Compression top! It is designed with Power Mesh for support and offers full chest coverage and a low neckline, perfect for various shirt styles or as an athletic top. Fit-tested on all body types (3XS-6X), it provides medium support with no underwire or padding.

This is a great option if you’re just starting to bind or need to wear something for long periods. Binding in a traditional binder for extended periods can be hard on your body, compression tops are more suited for lengthy wear.

Racerback Compression Top

TomboyX Image

The TomboyX Racerback Compression Top is a cozy alternative to traditional binders, designed with your comfort in mind. It features a sporty racerback cut and lower armholes to prevent that annoying underarm chafing. Offering medium support with gentle compression, the Power Mesh lining ensures extra support while minimizing the chest. Fit-tested on all body types (XS-6X), it’s perfect for layering or wearing as an athletic top. I like this option for working out.

V Neck Compression Top

TomboyX Image

The TomboyX V Neck Compression Top, is an option that goes well under clothing. It features low compression ideal for wearing under lower-cut shirts. Note that it provides some cleavage, which can be a preference factor.

Compression Tank

Compression Tank

The TomboyX Full-Length Compression Tank is designed for comfort and versatility. It offers medium support and moderate compression with a scoop neckline and Power Mesh lining, ensuring a smooth fit. Fit-tested across all body types from XS to 6X, it features smooth, durable flatlock seams for irritation-free wear. Available in five color options, it’s ideal for everyday wear and provides compression through the body.

Swim Compression Sport Top

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Discover the TomboyX Swim Compression Sport Top, your ultimate companion for aquatic adventures and beyond. Built on the foundation of our bestselling compression top, it offers unparalleled support with three layers of fabric, including power mesh, ensuring comfort on land or sea. Featuring a scoop neck front and back, along with a supportive elastic band for all sizes, it’s made from Bahia fabric—OEKO-TEX certified for sustainability and durability. Perfect for active lifestyles, it dries quickly, provides UPF 50 protection, and is produced in a socially responsible factory. For a comprehensive guide on swim binders, check out our detailed article.

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