Why is Stockholm One of the Best Vacations for Lesbians?

Lesbian couple laughing playfully in front of St Jacobs Kyrka in Stockholm

I’ve been to Stockholm a couple of times now and was blown away by the simplistic beauty of the city and the relaxed progressive values of the Swedish people. I was so excited when Stockholm LGBT invited me back to their city after the pandemic that I couldn’t help but hype the city up for […]

If You Love to Shop and Eat, Visit Gothenburg

  If Stockholm is the big sister, Gothenburg is every bit the carefree younger sibling it was destined to be. When you step from the pale blue tram car on to the cobblestone streets of the Haga neighborhood expects to see patios packed with young people. Let the fresh sea air hit your face as […]

What to do in Stockholm, the Lesbian Guide

Normally when we travel, Lindsay stands out like a sore thumb. It sounds bad – but it’s just her reality but it’s also the reality of many LGBT travelers exploring the world.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ She’s usually the tallest person in the room in Mexico. In the US people stare or make snarky comments. In some countries, she’s […]