The Ultimate Gay Peru Travel Guide

Peru is a beautiful country with a rich history and a friendly population, so any traveler will enjoy immersing themselves in the culture here.  You’ll also find that a surprising amount of the country has been designated as UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) World Heritage sites. There are so many things that […]

13 Peru Vacation Tips to Save Time and Money

My Dad, Meg, and I ventured to Peru for our first international family vacation. It had been almost a full year since we had gifted him the trip for Christmas but we finally made it happen. I was nervous but extremely excited to share my love of exploring with my Dad. We have a shared […]

“When We Were Invisible” – The Fight for LGBT Equality in Perú

It took Gaby Calderón a year before she could accept the fact that she was gay. Seventeen at the time, the Peruvian felt isolated in the Catholic-dominated society with only an outsider’s view of the Lima LGBT community. With no local resources available, she had to rely on websites and information from outside the country […]