The Ultimate Contiki Review: Do Contiki Tours Live Up to the Hype?

Before I started this website, long before I ever had stamps in my passport or had traveled internationally, I used to stalk Contiki on social media. For years, I thought of international travel as an unattainable desire that only became a reality for those with rich parents or much older people who’d landed big bucks […]

African Village: What it’s Like Visiting the Masai Tribe

I was very nervous to go to the Masai village but not due to the reasons most may think.  The Masai people are an indigenous tribe that lives in Kenya and Northern Tanzania. They’re estimated at about one million people and live in local villages throughout the region. Masai are traditionalists and have resisted the […]

8 Tips for Traveling in Kenya  and Tanzania as an LGBT Couple

East Africa is for the experienced LGBT traveler. It’s a region of the world that has been impacted heavily by evangelical colonialism, poverty, and political strife. Any of those three issues would dramatically impact a traveler’s experience but the three of them combined makes for a particularly advanced travel experience. When you toss into the […]

Contiki Egypt and the Nile Review

We did our first Contiki adventure on their Egypt and the Nile tour and have A LOT to say about our experience. It was a lot of firsts for us so we were super excited when Contiki reached out to us to partner.  Our first trip to a Muslim-majority country, our first trip to a […]