Lesbian Travel Guide to Palawan Island, Philippines

Palawan Island is one of the most beautiful areas of the Philippines. Its emerald-green waters and giant limestone cliffs and picturesque fishing villages make it seem like a postcard come to life. Palawan is not your average tourist island. Its undone natural state makes it a site to be seen before it is overtaken by […]

The Best Cities for LGBT Travel on Every Continent

Travel is in full swing again and with summer beach season winding down it got me thinking about what’s next. So I put together a list of the best destinations for LGBT travel and which places are perfect for LGBT holidays. There are a lot of countries where, sadly, it’s illegal to be LGBT and […]

How to Have an Ethical Elephant Sanctuary Experience in Thailand

Animal tourism is a touchy subject. And, as awareness around animal tourism rises, the lens on ‘welfare centers’ and elephant sanctuaries become more critical (and rightly so). With more information out there tourists are becoming more and more cautious about where they put their money when it comes to animal experiences. And finding genuinely ethical […]

10 Bucket List Items in Anti-LGBT Destinations

It’s illegal to be LGBT in 70+ countries. Some of these countries hold the most incredible wonders, brightest adventures, and most sought after travel experiences. We believe that all people, regardless of their identities, deserve to see the beauty and wonder of the world. We’ve written at length about why we choose to travel to […]

14 Delicious Turkish Dishes to Try in Istanbul

It is an undisputed fact a visit to Turkey ended up on my radar because of a strong desire to eat all the things. While there is so much more to see and do in Istanbul the food as expected was a highlight. During 10 days here I consumed all the Turkish dishes I could […]

The Ultimate Thailand Lesbian Travel Guide to Bangkok

black woman riding a motorcycle through a rice terrace with a traditional cone shaped hat on

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been searching for a place where I belong. I’ve found glimmers of it over time. Like when I’d split a cab with my roommate and we’d both turn around to see the Manhattan skyline out of the back window while we drove over the Brooklyn Bridge. Or […]

15 Incredible Things To Do in Sukhothai Thailand

This past week I was invited to speak at the first ever LGBT Travel Symposium in Thailand in collaboration with Out There Magazine. It was a monumental event that served as Thailand’s coming out party as a welcoming and affirming destination for LGBT travelers. After my speech, I was lucky enough to go from Bangkok […]

5 Reasons Taiwan is on Our Travel Bucket List

lesbian couple sharing a secret. One woman is asian with long dark hair and glasses, the other woman is blonde with her face obscured.

One of the best things about my frequent travels is that I’ve been able to make friends all over the world. I met one of my best friends, Julia, while I was teaching English in South Korea. Earlier this year she finished her Master’s in Education in Canada and accepted a job teaching in Taiwan. […]

How to Make Pad Thai Like a Local

I knew I needed to buy spices, but I wasn’t sure where to go or what to buy. I approached the bamboo gates of the local Chiang Mai market nervous and excited. There was a tiny Thai grandmother sitting behind a desk in a small wooden office. She was surrounded by fruit, nuts and piles […]

Lesbian Travel Guide: Seoul, South Korea

Korea is the land of beautiful cities, high-tech experiences, and ancient history. Korea offers is a travel option for LGBT people looking to explore somewhere different from our usual Key West and Barcelona retreats. Seoul is clean, well organized and has an extremely efficient public transportation system. If you’re looking to explore Korean culture, you […]