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“Queer Planet” Promises a Wild, Science-Backed Look at Queerness in Nature on Peacock

Peacock is tossing the tired nature doc script this Pride Month with “Queer Planet,” narrated by the ever-sardonic Andrew Rannells. Forget the snoozy lion hunts and narrated mating rituals – this isn’t your grandma’s animal special. Get ready for tongue-in-cheek jokes about queer culture woven throughout, as “Queer Planet” takes viewers on a global expedition to explore the vibrant LGBTQ+ scene within the animal kingdom.

Think flamingos with fiercer struts than RuPaul, primates who redefine “open relationships,” and clownfish who change genders like it’s nothing. Prepare for stunning visuals, Rannells’ signature dry wit, and a newfound respect for nature’s incredible diversity.

But “Queer Planet” goes beyond just showcasing fabulous fauna. A team of heavyweight scientists – biologists, primatologists, and even the director of The Vagina Museum (yes, really) – will be there to spill the scientific tea.

Based on actual field studies, the doc will explore the fascinating world of same-sex behavior observed in both captivity and the wild. Unfortunately, many of these groundbreaking studies have been censored or buried due to their LGBTQ+ findings, historically considered too taboo to publish.

In countries where it’s illegal to be queer, it’s even more challenging. Publishing documentation of LGBTQ+ animals can have serious consequences for researchers, potentially jeopardizing their access to critical field research locations. This bias against LGBTQ+ behavior in animals directly reflects the cultural bias against LGBTQ+ humans in those regions.

Speaking of groundbreaking research, get ready to meet the lesbian macaque monkeys of Japan! And for those who identify with a more solitary life, “Queer Planet” will also delve into the fascinating world of leaf-cutter ants, who have all but rid their colonies of males – a situation some viewers in Brooklyn might find oddly familiar.

“Queer Planet” premieres on Peacock on June 6th, making it the perfect way to celebrate Pride with a healthy dose of science and a sprinkle of Rannells’ signature wit. So ditch the tired nature docs and get ready for a wild, informative journey through the animal kingdom’s rainbow. After all, it’s not just about the destination, it’s about the journey – and this one promises to be eye-opening, hilarious, and a much-needed celebration of nature’s LGBTQ+ wonders.

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