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A Royal Feast: The Queen Supreme Brunch at Virgin Hotels NYC

Allow me to whisk you away on a journey to the heart of Midtown Manhattan, where the vibrant Virgin Hotels NYC has opened its doors. Nestled in the lively NoMad district, this boutique hotel is privy to some of NYC’s most iconic architecture and is a stone’s throw away from the Big Apple’s hottest spots.

But today, we’re not just talking about the hotel; we’re diving into a fantastic event every Sunday- the Queen Supreme Brunch, hosted by none other than the House of Yes and DJ Amber Valentine. You might recognize those names as two of the biggest queer event producers in New York. 

Welcome to the Queendom 👑

As soon as you stepped into the Queen Supreme Brunch, it was clear this wasn’t your average Sunday brunch. From the stunning decor that screams Virgin (in the best way) to the air filled with infectious energy, the stage was set for a brunch like no other.

The food? let’s talk about the food. It was a spread fit for royalty, with a menu brimming with mouth-watering dishes and beverages that could make any foodie’s heart flutter. The Whipped Ricotta Pancakes were to die for but if you’re a savory over sweets person go for the Mulberry Street Farm eggs. It’s scrambled farm eggs, burrata, tomato, and basil on a toasted potato onion bread. And let’s not forget the cocktails. I’m a gin girl so I loved the Desaparecido made with Tanqueray Sevilla, Aperol, mandarin, mint, and nino franco rustico. Shaken, stirred, and served with a side of sass, they were the perfect accompaniment to the gastronomic extravaganza.

All Hail the Hosts!

The House of Yes, known for their extravagant parties and immersive experiences, ensured every moment was a blast. Performances were woven into the event, keeping guests entertained and on their toes. There was never a dull moment, with laughter and applause echoing through the room.

And then there was DJ Amber Valentine. Best known for running the most popular queer women, trans, and nonbinary event in NYC, Mister at the Woods every Wednesday night in Brooklyn. Her beats were the heartbeat of the brunch, setting the tone with her eclectic mix of tunes that had everyone grooving. Her energy was infectious and her passion palpable as always.

A Brunch to Remember

Looking back, the Queen Supreme Brunch was more than just a meal—it was a celebration of diversity, creativity, and community. It was a testament to the magic that happens when you bring together good food, great music, and even better company.

So, if you ever find yourself in NYC, do check out Virgin Hotels NYC and who knows, you might just stumble upon a brunch that’s fit for a queen!

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