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Lesbian Haircuts: A Cultural Rite of Passage

If you're looking for your next lesbian haircut style, check out these trending cuts. From shags to fades, there's a style for every length!

A common queer experience is getting the first cut that really feels like you. Whether that’s a big chop, growing it out long with layers, or styling it in a way that feels more authentic, getting a look that brings you happiness can go a long way in elevating your confidence. 

Queer people especially love to find haircuts that feel affirming to their identity. That’s not to say everyone gets it right on their first try. I know my first “queer haircut” is one I don’t like looking back on (can you say Justin Bieber circa 2009), but it was all part of the process! 

Haircuts are an important part of someone’s expression. Many people use their hair to bring out pieces of their personality and appearance that they want to highlight. Some folks love changing their hair up all the time, whether by cut, color, or both, and others find a style they like and keep it long-term. 

Here are some of the current popular queer and lesbian haircuts you can try out if you’re on the search for a new look.


The mullet has been making its comeback in queer spaces and is now officially a queer coded haircut again. In the 80’s, the mullet became a classic, lesbian signal. It’s popular in the queer community again, giving you a fun way to express yourself with the classic, party in the back look.


The shag is another great longer queer haircut that creates a lot of volume and dimension to your hair with its many layers.

90s Boy Haircut

For this one, think Shawn from Boy Meets World. These cuts are a great mix of short on the sides and back with a swoopy middle part. The 90s boy cut is a cute, classy, masculine cut that is a great cut on its own, or a great entryway into going shorter in the future.


An undercut is another great option that can be shown and styled in different ways. You can get one under your long hair, so that you can show it off or mask it if you want to present differently on different days. You can also do fun patterns into an undercut.

Sides Shaved with long hair

Having shaved sides with longer hair in the middle creates a fun, dynamic hair style.

Pixie Cut

The pixie is a short, feminine, sweet style that can be rocked by anyone. Feel like a fairy, maybe add some cute, choppy bangs, and have fun with this delightful style.


A buzzcut is a great option if you’re looking for a clean slate, or you just want to try something new. You could even bleach or dye it a fun color.

The Bi Bob

An above the chin bob-style cut has become a classic bisexual hairstyle. Whether it’s a blunt chop or full of layers, it’s a unique, fresh cut that is typically easy to style.

Long with layers

If you’re looking for a more fem look, layers are another good style option to try out. They add dimension and texture.

Short bangs

Short bangs are another great look for long or short hair while adding some queer hints to your style.

Fades and Tapers

A fade and/or taper is a great way to incorporate short on the sides and a blended longer top. It brings out the jawline and allows you to grow out your hair a bit before getting it cut again.

Faux Hawk

The Faux Hawk is similar to a mohawk, but a less drastic take. The sides are clipped shorter, but there’s less of a separation from the top and back of your hair. It’s a super cool look if you’re wanting to do something fun, but slightly more subtle!

Dyed Hair

If you’re wanting to add more queer flare to your hair but not change its current cut, you could always dye it! Dyed hair, especially with bright or unnatural colors, is a fun way to express yourself. You can DIY it or go to a professional, whatever you feel most comfortable with.

LGBTQ+-Friendly Hair Salons

Another important aspect of getting a queer affirming haircut, is who you go to get it done. It can make all the difference. Try to see if there are any queer friendly salons or hair stylists in your area. Checking social media can help a lot with that!

If you’re in NYC, PDX, or LA, we highly recommend Hairrari. They are a fully queer hair salon with stylists experienced in a variety of different haircuts, styles, and colors. They’re extremely affirming, attentive, and welcoming.

We hope that you can find the style and stylist that feels perfect for you. Don’t be afraid to test things out or try a different direction. You never know what you might end up loving.

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