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2015 Year in Review

2015 has been one hell of a year. For me, it was mixed with some pretty extreme highs and lows. I’ve spent the last year relocating pretty much constantly while building my blog, scraping by financially and maintaining my long-term relationship. I can’t lie, it’s been one of the toughest I can remember. Building a business while constantly on the go is no small feat. While I’ve struggled in my personal life, this year has been one of the best for me professionally. My blog finally started to make some money. By June I had already hit some of my major goals for the year and had to spend some time reevaluating what I wanted to come of DotR. I’ve been invited to speak at a few different conferences and have started to make a name for myself in the world of blogging. With this year in review I give you some of the highlights, thanks for being along for the ride.
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  • I kicked off 2015 in Siem Reap, Cambodia where I visited the ancient Angkor Temples with my good friend Julia.

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  • I published my first of several articles for The Matador Network.

  • Dopes on the Road won best LGBT Blog from the Korea Observer.

  • In February, I wrapped up my final month teaching in Seoul, South Korea.

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    • I was invited to join the Wanderful Blogging Cohort.

    • In March, I moved back to the US and spent some much-needed quality time with my girlfriend.

    • I attended the Women in Travel Summit in Boston, Mass.

    • l was on the media team at the world famous Dinah Shore.


          • I was also invited to speak on the new media panel at the International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association Conference

          • I went home to NYC to visit some of my besties… oh and pose for a bunch of street art pictures.

          • I spent the summer chasing pride with #MyGayPride sponsored by Eurail, KLM and Gay Star News.

            • Once I got back to the US I hit 10,000 followers on Instagram & realized that my self-worth had become tied to likes on the internet. Don’t worry,  I snapped out of that shit and reframed my priorities.

            • This summer Lindsay and I also celebrated two years together.

            • I interviewed androgynous model, Laura Cramer.

            • I graduated to the big kids blogging table with 32 brand partnerships, some of my favorites have been with Mandalay Bay, Go Magazine, HER/LA, Generator Hostels and Soffe Athletics.

            • Oh that’s RIGHT! Ford gave me a new electric car to blog about.

            • Dopes on the Road hit 30,000 followers.

            • I hosted my first trip giveaway with my Lap of Luxury Las Vegas Vacation (PSSTT You can still enter to win!)


            How was your 2015? Best year EVER…? Or can’t wait for it to be ooovvverrrr? Let me know in the comments below!

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