11 Tips for Traveling With Sex Toys

Meg Cale

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Toys can really spice up your sex life – at home or abroad. Traveling with sex toys adds another level of complication to your vacation planning. Everyone at this point has probably heard some horror story about a vibrator turning on in an overhead bin or having to explain why you’re carrying handcuffs in your luggage mid security check. Don’t worry though folks – I gotcha – with a little planning you’ll be well on your way to the perfect romantic getaway. We partnered with Adam and Eve to give you some tips to spice up your getaway. Fair warning, all of the links in this post are about as NSFW as they come.  Partnering with brands like Adam and Eve helps us to bring you interesting content and allows us to pay our rent. Everyone wins. As always – we only list high-quality products and services.

For my wife, Lindsay and I, travel has been the key to maintaining a healthy and exciting relationship. We use travel as a means of keeping us close and travel provides an opportunity for us to reconnect and build memories.

Travel also gives us an opportunity to focus on our sex life without two dachshunds in our bed and all the responsibilities of being back home.

Some couples prefer snow capped mountains with champagne by the fire and couples massages.  Other couples prefer rappelling waterfalls in Ecuador. Regardless what your idea of a romantic vacation includes the reality is many couples are traveling for the purpose of reconnecting emotionally and sexually.

Checked Bags or Carrying On?

If you’re checking your bag you’re less likely to encounter embarrassing scenes like the TSA agents fondling your dildos while a family of four is standing next to you on the first leg of their elementary school vacation. What – you act like that’s never happened to you? Sometimes checking a bag isn’t an option. That’s not a problem.

Pack your items appropriately.

Pack all of your items in clear, plastic bags. Store the bags in the middle of your luggage. If you’re carrying your bag on the flight, this will buy you a bit of time to let security know you’d like to be screened in private.

Make sure it doesn’t accidentally turn on.

Remove batteries or charging cords from any electronic items. If your toy has a charging cord consider running it until the battery dies before your flight to avoid the awkward mid flight rumbling of a vibrator in the overhead bin. Some higher-end vibrators like the We Vibe Dreamy Desires Set have locking mechanisms to ensure the toy won’t accidentally turn on.

Bring toys without metal clips.

If bondage toys are part of your play, pack a set of portable props like this Under The Bed Restraint System. The metal handcuffs and restraints with metal clips will weigh down your bag and may cause an airline associate to ask questions. These restraints from are great because they’re lightweight – portable – have zero metal components and they don’t require any assembly. Sure, the folks cleaning your hotel room may have some questions but you could easily remove them the next morning without anyone being the wiser.

Liquids can be checked in luggage.

Keep in mind the three-ounce liquid rule also applies to lubricants and toy cleaners. Bottles larger than three ounces can be checked and should be clearly labeled. I really like this on the go lubricants assortment by Adam and Eve.  If you have a favorite brand that only sells the larger sizes you can dispense some into these convenient little bottles that are less than 3 oz and airline approved.

Try something new.

While we’re on vacation we’re more relaxed and have lower levels of stress. Considering trying a new toy or experimenting with a fantasy. Maybe you’re interested in having a third person join you? What better time than when you’re thousands of miles from home? If you’re in a major city you can see a sexy show like Zoomanity or head to the red light district or a strip club. Just remember to always tip your local sex workers.

Consider a discrete toy.

You may want to consider opting for a subtle version of your favorite toy if you believe the item will cause an issue in a country you are visiting. A big international trip to a conservative country is probably not the time to pack the Great American Challenge. Opting for something small like a small vibrator, cock ring, or bullet is a good otion. If you’re traveling to an area where toys are illegal, consider opting for a toy disguised as another item. Lindsay and I had a good chuckle when Adam and Eve sent us a package of discrete toys. Some of our favorites were the Rubber Duck, Lipstick, and the bullet vibrator. 

Labels are key.

Assuming you’re traveling to a country where sex toys are legal and checking your bag you may want to label any items that aren’t immediately recognizable. If you are traveling with a larger or non-traditional toy, label it and pack it in the middle of the suitcase. TSA agents may throw an item away if they can’t identify it.

You are entitled to a private screening with the TSA in the US.

If your luggage is flagged, you are able to request a private screening with an agent when you are traveling in the United States. If you feel uncomfortable, are queer or trans do not consent to a screening alone. If you encounter rude or unprofessional conduct report it to the TSA complaint line. If you are outside the U.S., or not an American, contact your local embassy.

Don’t lie to airport staff.

When I travel, I only pack things I’m prepared to justify to a stranger. If a screener asks you what is in your baggage – just say what it is. They may not even know what they’re looking at – not everyone has their Ph.D. in kinkology. When you start lying is when you open the door for more problems. Unless of course, you think your immediate safety is at risk.

Ship your new toy directly to your hotel.

Sex toys are supposed to be fun – so is going on a vacation. Jazz up your holiday with a new toy – some lingerie – or a sexy DVD. If you’d like to surprise your partner or are nervous about packing items, Adam and Eve can ship your purchases in an unmarked box directly to your hotel.

Know the laws of the areas you are traveling.

The laws concerning travel with sex toys vary widely. If you’re traveling from one country to another, be aware of policies in both countries. It’s illegal to possess sex toys and pornography in India, Saudi Arabia, and UAE.

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