9 Ways To Prepare For Traveling With Dogs
Meg Cale
Lindsay and I have two mini dachshunds that are more like our children than our pets. We love our babies just as much as some people love their children. While it’s nice to have a solo getaway without them sometimes, we much prefer to take them with us when we can. Traveling with two dogs is difficult, but not impossible. Here are a few tips we’ve picked up along the way.

Introduce them to the crate early

Some people have negative feelings about crates because they think it’s like putting your baby in a box. However, I like to think of it more as a bedroom. Dogs need personal space and the crates help to keep them safe. It also helps reduce the anxiety level of hotel staff. Having a crate on hand can be the make it or break it difference between being allowed to stay in a hotel with your pets and not being allowed to stay.

Lindsay and Bailey are ready for their next big adventure.

Check check and check again the paperwork

Airlines, hotels, heck – even groomers will want to see your fur babies’ vet records. They’re checking to ensure they have their rabies shots and that they won’t get sick from other animals. If you are flying internationally make sure you check the immigration offices for each country you’re passing through because some record requirements may differ. Bring Fido is a great resource with detailed country by country requirements.

Hotels are possible

Some large hotel chains offer pet-friendly stays, DoubleTree by Hilton for example, allows pets at many of their properties. Be aware they may charge a nonrefundable pet service fee. is a great resource because you can search by city and then refine your result by clicking “pet-friendly” under the facilities section. Another great option is using AirBNB because individual hosts can be more understanding. 

Some destinations, like South Korea, for example have tons of pet friendly services like “Puppy Cafes” that travelers can bring their pets to enjoy.

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Prepare The Crate for Flights

Tape your contact information to the crate in several locations. Keep in mind if you are traveling internationally, to write down your email address because you may not have your normal phone service. Place plenty of warm blankets inside the crate because they may get cold. Also, prepare a self-service water bottle that is half frozen before the flight. This prevents spillage and ensures they will have water for most of their flight. Keep in mind that some crates are TSA friendly and some are not. Ensure that you are following the airline’s policies to the letter because they will not allow exceptions. Opt for a flight that’s direct OR has a few hour layover. The short layovers are horrible bc you don’t have time to get them out. Call to confirm the pet has a “seat” and that the weather is okay for them to fly. Make sure to call the local airport and not the international call-in number because their information may differ.

Take a LONG LONG Walk the Day of Your Travel

Regardless if you’re flying, driving, or taking some other form of transportation, make sure to take your pup for a nice long walk before you leave. This helps to get out some of their excess energy before the journey.

Have a Favorite Toy on Hand 

Pets are similar to kids, they do better when they’re entertained. They don’t understand what’s happening and may be afraid. Having a distraction and knowing they will need to be redirected is good preparation.

Pack Baby Wipes – Accidents Happen

Some pets get travel anxiety and may do things that are uncharacteristic for them while in route to your holiday destination. For example, they may wet their crate or scratch at the inside when they get nervous. Having some baby wipes and a nice warm blanket for when they get out will help comfort them and keep them clean.

Give Yourself Time to Walk and Cuddle Before Booking Your Next Activity.

When travel is not a part of a pup’s normal routine it can be stressful. You’ll be excited about your day of adventuring while they’ll most likely be spending a lot of time in an unfamiliar hotel room. They will need some attention and love when you return. Make sure to schedule in some baby loving time between activities.

Be Prepared for Something to Go Wrong and Remember- They Sense Your Stress

You can’t plan ahead for everything. Things happen when you’re traveling with your fuzzy friends. Be patient and remember, they don’t understand what’s happening. Your love and kindness will go a long way.

For more information on traveling with pets check out Bring Fido and Trips with Pets.


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