Okay- Maybe capitalizing the NEED in the title was dramatic. But my favorite travel purchase of all time is my GoPro. I’m not sponsored by them – they don’t pay me a dime. I used affiliate links in this article but I wrote this article just because I love my GoPro Hero4 Silver THAT much. They’ve released a newer model the GoPro Hero 5 in the last couple of months. I will be upgrading in the near future, but not because I’m dissatisfied with the Hero4 – purely because we love ours so much that we’d like to have two for capturing different angles while we’re on the road. My only regret with my GoPro is that I didn’t invest in one sooner.
This photo is a still from a GoPro Video.


1. Waterproof


This might not seem like a necessity but it really really is. I missed so many opportunities for great photos and videos when we were in The Philippines because I didn’t have a waterproof camera. My Nikon J1 was new and I was paranoid about ruining it with water or sand. A GoPro in a waterproof casing would have eliminated all of those concerns and I would have tons more photos from my trip to remember my trip with.

2. Movement

Some of the coolest photos we have were taken on our GoPro while moving. It doesn’t have to be while doing some X Games style extreme sports. Although- it was awesome to have when we were rappelling waterfalls in Ecuador. We’ve used it while playing around on swingsets and touring street art. It’s really great for capturing unusual stills.
“My only regret with my GoPro is that I didn’t invest in one sooner.”

3. Discreet

Big DSLR Cameras are amazing for taking wildly gorgeous photos. Honestly, I’d love to take a course in how to work one so that I can create those gorgeous photos and videos you see all over the internet. They’re also really large and generally attract attention, particularly when you’re in developing countries. GoPros are small and can be hidden very easily when you’re in a bind. They’re a safer option for those who are concerned about travel safety.

4. Budget Friendly -ish

Okay- Okay- They’re not THAT cheap. Let’s be honest. The GoPro Hero 5 will set you back about $400 USD and they tend to upgrade the cameras every few years with the latest technology. BUT – They’re WAY cheaper than most DSLR cameras. If you’re looking for something fun with a light price tag that will still take great photos and video- I’d go with a GoPro.

5. Versatile

I love the diversity of shots we’re able to get with our GoPro. We’re way more likely to clip it to things, balance it on an edge, or do random jump shots with it than our Nikon J1 because it’s harder to break and has a ton of accessories. It might be psychological- but the impact is the same- we get more creative and honestly have more fun with it.

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These photos are both stills from GoPro video. PS: follow me on IG

A photo posted by Meg Cale (@megcale) on

6. Professional Quality

GoPro has the ability to shoot 4K quality video which is what professionals use when they’re shooting for TV. If that’s too much for you, it’s totally cool. You can change the settings to make the files smaller and clear up some room on your computer when you upload the files.  

7. Beautiful Selfies

By now the famous GoPro fisheye photo have dominated the travel space. It doesn’t have to be a fisheye perspective- the settings allow you to take the curve out of the photos if you’d prefer something more traditional. The wide angle is great for selfies with interesting backgrounds. You’ll get way more background in the photo when you’re using a gopro than any other type of basic camera. Before we got our GoPro we rarely had photos together on our trips because the quality from a selfie stick and an IPhone wasn’t what we were looking for and we were nervous to ask strangers to take photos for us. GoPro is definitely the way to go for traveling couples.


8. Mounts & Accessories


The possibilities are endless with the various accessories. We have a floating pole, a selfie stick, a chest mount and a variety of other clips and attachments. Some are activity based like the GoPro Scuba Kits, and some are just generic all purpose clips. I’m lusting after the new drone in a real way. My wife Lindsay won’t let me buy it yet – but you can bet there will be endless amounts of cooing on the day I finally get mine in the mail.


9. The GoPro App


We shoot all our GoPro footage on video, using the GoPro App we’re able to quickly grab the photos we love with almost no effort. We can use the videos for other projects without any weird impacts from grabbing stills. At the end of each day on the road, we upload all the videos to our apps and it preserves the video if our bag got stolen or we- I don’t know dropped it off a cliff or something. knocks on wood


10. Connects to Wifi


The wifi feature is really cool because it allows you to connect to your camera wirelessly via your phone. You can place your camera in one area, walk away – not too far- let’s not get crazy here- and then watch through your phone to see what is in the camera’s view finder. It’s awesome for making sure your background is right for those epic travel shots. You can also buy a wifi remote for turning the camera on/off and changing the settings from a distance.




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