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Travel Hack; Irresistible Me Hair Extension

It’s finally spring! The weather is getting warmer and Pride is right around the corner. Hopefully, you’re lucky and headed out for some warm-weather travels. When I’m traveling and want to jazz up my look for sightseeing pictures and Instagram photoshoots I wear hair pieces, extensions and wigs. It’s an easy way to change up my look without much effort or weight to my bag.
My current favorites extensions are from Irresistible Me. They sent me the Royal Remy Medium Brown #4 in the 16 inch length and 200g set of clip in extensions to try out and now I’m obsessed. They retail for $269, but the price varies depending on the colors and weight. Clip in human hair extensions are the safest and most versatile extension because they don’t damage your hair and they don’t use any kind of glue. When I’m on the road I can’t be bothered with anything that takes too much effort or time so clip ins are what’s up. I style my hair like normal, clip them in and bam, I’m ready to go. Honestly, I’m a bit of a lazy femme and don’t have time to get all high glam when I’m on the road. Shaves my time down without sacrificing my look.
Irresistible Me clip-in hair extensions are 100% Remy human hair extensions, so you can do anything with them that you’d do with your natural hair. Curl ‘em up, cut ‘em, straighten ‘em out, color ‘em or put ‘em in a pony tail. Whatever. It all works.
I’ve even worn them on the plane when I knew I wouldn’t have time to get ready after a flight. Don’t worry, they will not set off the metal detectors. I’m not going to lie, I was a bit nervous about that the first time, but nothing happened. After wearing extensions or hairpieces on 20 or so flights now, I’ve never had an issue.
Depending on the weight you choose (100 grams, 140 grams, 200 grams) the Irresistible Me Remy clip in extensions come with 7, 8 or 10 wefts that will give you a lot of flexibility to change up your style. Different folks have different needs for their extensions. I like mine to add volume, thickness and length. Irresistible Me has the THICKEST weft I’ve ever seen from a clip in extensions brand. I can either pile all the wefts on at once or just wear that one for a ponytail or updo.

Meg Ten-Eyck-Travel-Hair-Extensions
Before and After


Tips for Styling Extensions While Traveling:

  • When you’re applying your extensions, use a teasing brush, like this Phillips Brush $6.25.  Start by backcombing your hair before clipping the track to the back combed section. This will allow for a better hold and the brush is very small and easily tucked inside a suitcase.
  • If you have fine or thin hair consider back combing the hair directly above the track being used to hide the comb. If you back comb the hair horizontally it will give you a small volumizing boost to better hide the clips.
  • If you are planning on styling your hair in an updo flip your head over and place the extensions in upside down so that the extensions are facing the right direction.
  • If you’re headed to the beach, try using a sea salt spray like Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Spray ($25) to lightly scrunch your extensions to blend them with your natural hair. It’ll give them a cute beachy vibe that’s perfect summer travel hair.
  • If your natural hair is significantly shorter than your extensions, try clipping the wefts closer together to hide your natural length.
  • To avoid the hair at your neck sticking out and making it obvious that you’re wearing extensions, you can bobby pin the hair at the nape of your neck in a flat line across the back of your head and clip the bottom most extension piece to it.

To learn how to do this, check out Megan McTaggart’s tutorial for detailed instructions.

PROS of Traveling With Extensions:

  • They’re great for changing up your hair for photos. Sometimes I braid mine together to make a braided crown or wear them in a simple half up half down style. It’s a simple way to add an interesting feature to your style.
  • Clip In styles make for quick and easy application and can be taken in and out for sleeping and washing.
  • Clip In extensions are easy to apply and very portable.

CONS of Traveling With Extensions:

  • The color has to match pretty closely or you’ll end up looking pretty crazy with early 2000s two toned hair. You can go one shade lighter and one shade darker and be okay, but an exact match is always ideal.
  • Extensions need to be brushed lightly and treated with care, just like your real hair. The more you color them, bleach them, and use heat tools the faster they will fall apart. These are great quality extensions, but even the best quality isn’t the same as the hair growing out of your head. If you plan on packing them in your suitcase, use an extensions case or special pouch for them so they don’t get tangled or knotted.
  • They may need to be professional cut, or colored to match your current hair style before you leave. It depends on the length, texture and blutness of your hair. If you go from short and choppy to super long and dramatic they’ll be very noticeable without getting them cut to blend. You’re better off having this done before you leave which adds an extra step in the trip planning process.
  • Be careful with how many add ons you use at once. If you’re doing full extensions, full eyelashes and a dramatic spray tan you could end up looking like an adult version of a “toddler in tiara” or like a Real Housewife reject. You’ve been warned.

Caring for your Irresistible Me extensions:

  • Do not put alcohol based hair products, like  hairspray, volumizing spray,  or dry shampoo in your hair. It will dry out the extensions and destroy the quality of the hair. You can use these products if they are not alcohol based, just check the label of the product to find out.
  • Do not put oils including conditioner, frizz serums, and hair moisturizers near the clips if you have a smooth hair texture.
  • Irresistible Me Extensions are 100% human hair, but that doesn’t mean they’re indestructible. Treat them gently, brush them before putting them back in their box and use a soft-bristle hair brush.

I was gifted a set of Irresistible Me Extensions for this article, want to order some of your own? Get 50% off your order and free international shipping for orders over $150!

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