Why TraveLibro is our Top Travel App

We’ve been on the go more than ever recently. Some places, like Pyramids of Giza and Machu Picchu, were big bucket list items. Last year for Christmas we handed my Dad a card that just said we’re going on a trip. We told him where we went was completely up to him. Only to quickly be reminded that not everyone has a mile long Pinterest board called “someday I’ll go” when he said, “how about Disney?”. We immediately turned on videos of some of our favorite travel YouTubers (RayaWasHere, Lost Leblanc and FunforLouis) for inspiration.

Showing him my life of travel with Meg is so important to me. For the first 27 years of my life, my dad and I bonded over sports. He was my loudest cheerleader (or critic) who never missed a game from 7th grade through my senior year of college. Growing up my passion for the game was a natural progression but travel was something I fell into, so introducing him to my “second love” felt huge.

After considering a few destinations, and much deliberation, we decided we were heading to Peru. By the time our travel schedule and his vacation time lined up it was November! We’d spent almost an entire year thinking, talking and planning for this trip. It seemed like a lifetime for Meg and me who often land in new cities with no plans at all. This was his first big international trip and he was determined to not miss a thing.

Taking a breather on the steep walk to a lookout above Cusco, Peru.

When Meg and I travel we usually publish the biggest highlights of our trips. This trip was different because I wanted to remember all the tiny details of our 11 days with my Dad. Luckily, before we left, Meg and I joined TraveLibro. Which is a travel-specific social media platform that has quickly become our top travel app. You can upload photos, videos, and check-ins along the way. What we liked about is that we can check in at every place we go so that we can remember without bombarding our Facebook friends with another eye roll inducing restaurant or airport check-in.

When Meg and I travel we usually publish the biggest highlights of our trips. This trip was different because I wanted to remember all the tiny details of our 11 days with my Dad.

Saving Memories

First, the app is really simple and user-friendly. We found ourselves checking in, adding photos and videos much more frequently than we typically do. How it works is you download the app, follow Dopes on the Road then build your individual profile (think travel specific facebook page). The fun part starts when you get to building your “journeys” this is where you upload all the details of a specific trip. You can break them up in whatever way works best for you. I’d kill to go back and set our stuff up like “4 days in El Nido”, “Adventure in Banos, Ecuador” or “48 hours in Seoul” because the truth is so many details just fall through the cracks of my memory.

Our first journey “Taking Lindsay’s Dad to Peru” is up. Now when we look back we can not only see some of our favorite Machu Picchu pictures we can also remember the name of the place in Cusco that served great coffee and the restaurant in Lima that served our favorite Lomo Saltado. It makes me smile to look through only weeks after the trip ended I can only imagine the joy I’ll feel looking back months and years from now.

Linds walking with her Dad through the gardens at the Inca Museum in Lima, Peru.

The polar opposite of taking 11 months to plan a trip is getting on a bus with nothing but your hotel planned right? We got an amazing opportunity to stay in the cutest little treehouse casita and we couldn’t pass it up. So just three days after getting back from Lima with hopped on a bus to Belize City. That’s when we realized the other major benefit of TraveLibro, getting information. As we took the 10-hour bus ride we were able to look up places in Belize that other travelers loved. Ideas for where to go, what to see and any other tips they may have to add.

Sharing Moments

We are always striving to create content that inspires people to visit the places we’ve been. There is nothing more flattering to us than when someone says “you guys made Banos look so amazing I just bought a ticket to Ecuador”. It still blows my mind when that stuff happens! What happens more than anything is people say, “Hey, I’m going to Louisville and I know you were just there what tips can you give me?” We are so pumped to have our TraveLibro account in addition to our blog for next time this question come up!  I’m sure nobody wants to recreate our exact trip but it’s an easy way to start your planning. If you’re heading to Mexico and Belize by Bus, like we did you won’t have to go into it blind like we did because our journey is live on the app now.

We’re excited to continue sharing our adventures on Travelibro – and a great big thank you to them for sponsoring this post. We have some upcoming trips we know we’ll be adding journeys for. If you join the app let us know so we can follow you back!