My Sacha Ji Wellness Hotel and Retreat
Meg Cale, LGBT Travelers, Ecuador
My girlfriend no… my wifeit still feels weird to say that–  and I were invited to spend four days at My Sacha Ji Wellness Hotel and Retreat in Ecuador. 
When we first saw pictures of the property we knew it was going to be an unforgettable experience. We loved the look and laid back vibes of the owner so much that we decided to use it as our wedding venue. My Sacha Ji is the most beautiful and relaxing place either of us have ever experienced.
The view alone is worth the price per night.
Photograph by Grace Chu via Grace Chu Photography
We appreciate lots of different types of travel. We’ve done- flashpackingurban luxury adorable rural B&Bs– and a ton of other trips. My Sacha Ji was completely unique and unlike any other hotel we’ve ever experienced. The owner focused on creating a beautiful and environmentally sustainable space that ensures guests are focused on their experience rather than tech toys. There is Wifi and a TV, but only in the main lodge. This limited access is just what we needed to stay present and grounded in the moment.
“As a blogger, it’s difficult for me to unplug and stay in the moment. I was able to do just that and more at My Sacha Ji. It was an opportunity to quiet the noise around us and focus on each other and the commitment we were making”
The hotel is set on top of a mountain overlooking the city of Otavalo. The view of the avenue of the volcanoes and Lake San Pablo provide a view that’s like a visual breath of fresh air.  We spent four days being pampered and spoiled and just basking in each other. The details are what made our trip and My Sacha Ji itself special.
The rooftop hammocks were perfection.
Photograph by Grace Chu via Grace Chu Photography
Each day we wandered the open grounds playing with the resort’s pups – or watching the llamas chewing their meals. We spent time reflecting in the organic garden and lazing about in the hammocks or the hot tub. We were able to request tours, classes and spa services with the hotel’s manager. We were able to have the perfect combination of quiet reflective moments and touring adventures. We spent one day visiting Otavalo to see the handicraft market and Peguche Falls, the next we spent enjoying the hot tub and fire pit.
The food was one of the best parts. Each meal was better than the next, no exaggeration, it was that good. Even Lindsay who has a very weak stomach and picky palate loved it. The chef’s unique spin on traditional Ecuadorian cuisine was beyond our wildest expectations. Each meal was a three-course experience complete with wine and after dinner herbal teas that caused me to immediately buy a loose tea infuser when we returned home. The chef uses ingredients found in the organic garden on the property and creates combinations that made me want to go back for seconds, thirds, and fourths. Our favorite meal was pescado encocado, a dish made with a coconut cream sauce over grilled shrimp and rice. We loved it so much that we tracked it down at a different restaurant TWICE before we left.
The property itself is huge. Terraces and benches are placed at various viewpoints throughout the property for guests to enjoy the scenic vignettes in privacy. Our room was large with a king-sized bed, seating area, and private modern bathroom. The best part of the room was the wood burning stove that would be lit each night when we returned to our room. The turndown service was glorious. We’d return to Ecuadorian chocolates on our pillows and a hot water bottle heating our sheets after our sleepy time tea at dinner.
My Sacha Ji is about 90 minutes outside of the city of Quito. It’s very secluded which is ideal for a wellness retreat specializing in relaxation and privacy. The hotel owner was kind enough to arrange transportation for us to the hotel. They also have buses and taxis that arrive in Otavalo regularly. If you’re looking for activities, there is plenty to do in town. The hotel staff will happily set up tours and excursions. My Sacha Ji hosted our LGBT wedding. The staff was enthusiastic about helping us celebrate our special day. If that’s not enough, they’re also members of the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association and have LGBT staff members. We felt nothing but respected and cared for while we were staying at My Sacha Ji. I couldn’t recommend them more.
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Our visit was made possible by an invitation from My Sacha Ji. All photos are courtesy of Grace Chu Photography.