Queers You Should Know: Youtube Traveling Couple Hols & Bear

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I sat down with travelling lesbian Youtuber couple, Hols and Bear. They’re from London, travelling the world together. I mean, how cute is that? They document their adventures on YouTube, in the hopes to inspire others to quit their jobs. Oh, and travel.

Hey guys, tell me a bit about yourselves.

Hello! Well, we are the ripe old ages of 26 and 28, and have been together for almost four years. (Still waiting for that ring). Originally from Plymouth and Hertfordshire, but we lived in London for the past 5 or so years. We both studied Musical Theatre (we met at our audition – gaaaaaaaaay!) but now we’re bums on the road!

Aweeee that’s cuteee. You’re currently on an 18-month round the world trip, what gave you the idea to do this?

We’ve both always wanted to travel, but the list of places we wanted to go to was so long, that we thought screw it, let’s just do them all! So we quit our jobs, left our flat and bought two backpacks! Definitely a quarter life crisis!
Hols and Bear 3.jpeg

18-months is a REALLY long time…How the heck can you afford to travel this much?

Haha, good question! We had to save for a year and a half, got second jobs, and lived under a rock… just kidding (half). It surprised us how much we could save when we put our minds to it though, it just meant being sober at parties, and eating packet noodles far more than is recommended! We had to work in Australia to fund the last part of the trip, but that was an amazing experience in itself, so didn’t feel too much like hard work!

Okay let’s get to the real shit… Do you guys drive each other nuts spending so much time together?

There’s definitely been an occasion or two where we’ve told the other one to go f*ck themselves (which we laugh a lot about), but it’s actually got to the point now where we’re sad if we have to be apart! (#needy).
We think travelling for so long in such close proximity to someone either makes or breaks a relationship, but we’ve been the lucky ones. (It definitely helped that we lived together first, so we already knew who never changes the toilet roll, or who starts a new shampoo before finishing the old one… not mentioning any names).

I can imagine you’re right. Couples would either be bonded for life or would have killed each other on the road by now. haha When did you decide to start a youtube channel?

We thought it would be the easiest way to record our memories of our trip, as we knew we’re both too lazy to write in a journal every day, or to read it for that matter. But no one told us how long it would take editing 18 days of footage, let alone 18 months! So although it started as just something for us, we are so happy to find that other people seem to enjoy our videos and get some inspiration from them! So now it’s our mission to also do some more how-to videos to help other people plan to travel too!

That’s exactly how I started blogging. I never had any intention of making it an actual thing, it was just something I did for fun and to let folks back home know I didn’t die. When you guys were first planning your round the world trip, how did you decide where you wanted to go?

We made a big fat list, took out every Lonely Planet from the library, paid off £15 of late return fines and decided on a rough route. It was then down to the logistics – money, time, weather seasons, flight routes etc. which decided the final route for us. Happily, it was very similar to the original plan. We’re also massive Instagram/Tumblr whores, so love perving on other people’s travelling snaps and getting ideas!

No shade on that, I’m the biggest Internet stalker alive. What do you guys hope to accomplish with your online presence?

We just want to help as many people as possible to travel as we have done, as it’s been the best experience of our lives! Hopefully we provide a bit of visibility for LGBT travellers, and hope that sexuality would never hold anyone back from travelling. We were apprehensive before leaving, as we were going to many countries where it was illegal/not accepted to be gay, but we just want to show that it is still possible to travel to those countries and have amazing experiences.
We are off to South America next week to live off a truck and camp for two months (you can look forward to our new hairstyles in the videos), but as soon as we’re back, it’s on to planning the next trip! (Don’t tell our mums…)

What to learn more about Hols & Bear? Follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter & don’t forget to subscribe.


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