One of the coolest parts about my job is getting to meet so many rad people from around the world. Often times those relationships are built online for months or years before I ever get the chance to meet folks in real life. I love connecting with people and sharing experiences through the internet but there’s still no substitute for face to face interactions. I’m a pretty extreme extrovert and those in-person meetings give me energy and make me feel inspired to continue traveling the world and creating content that inspires and equips queer travelers to explore.

I speak annually at the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association global convention. Each year, the conference is hosted by a different destination around the globe, this year I was lucky enough to be able to return home to New York City for the event and spend the week exploring my favorite city in the world. Together with a few of my favorite LGBT travel influencers, we hosted an NYC LGBT Traveler meetup at New York’s most famous lesbian bar, Henrietta Hudson’s. The evening turned out to be a low-key affair with more than 80 people through the doors over the course of the night but it was inspiring to see so many different people coming together to connect over a mutual love of exploration.  

Here are a few of my favorite photos from the event which were taken by Grace Chu.

Special thanks to all the influencers that co-hosted the event with us! Couple of Men, Once Upon a Journey, The Gay Globetrotter, Out With Ryan, and 27 Travels