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Hey y’all, Tamara here from Come Sit Down With Us.
New York City might be the hardest city in the world but when it comes to spring and summer, there is nowhere else I would rather be.
On any given weekend, you can be wandering around and find a street fair chalk full of food vendors, drinks, music, and other sweet knickknacks.
Now follow me here… Put yourself on the 9th Avenue and 42nd Street. Make sure you bring your walking shoes and I recommend wearing pants that have a Velcro style waist because you WILL need to let them out by the end of the day!
The sounds of laughter are complimented by the different styles of music filling the air as the smells of barbeque and hot dogs fill your nose.
Our game plan was to walk the entire thing from 42nd Street to 57thStreet and figure out what we wanted to eat. Then we would walk back and claim our food. Mind you, that WAS our plan. We made it about 2 blocks and swiftly changed our minds.
Bella’s father was along for the ride and he went for his Greek roots and got a Lamb Gyro with EVERYTHING on it. We went for my roots and got two different Bratwursts; one pork and veal and one pork and beef. We of course added sauerkraut and German Scharf (ketchup).

9thave2 NYC Street Fair
Photo Credit: Tamara Bachelder

Just so you know it tastes nothing like Heinz. It’s more of a mix between ketchup and barbeque sauce. I highly recommend it! Your taste buds will not be disappointed.
We all stood together taking a bite of our dish and then passing it to the right. I could not get enough of the pork and beef Brat. Something about the crunch of the thick skin that I just loved! Bella was all Greek all day, as she usually is. Mr. Kats was really into the veal and pork Brat. So clearly we did something right.
We probably stuffed ourselves too much but you know, who cares! We can walk it off.
Now, one belt loop later, we continue our quest to concur 9th Avenue. We made our way swerving through the people and dodging the selfie sticks! Eventually, we made it to the end. With our eyes on the prize (dessert that is) we turned around with the intention on stopping for the goodies.
However, Caparihnas from ‘Rice and Beans’ got in the way. Now if you know nothing about Brazil you should know one thing; Caparihnas!
This drink is sheer joy in a glass. It’s Leblon, sugar, and muddled lime. Leblon is Brazilian Rum made from Brazilian sugar cane grown at an altitude of 1000 meters.
Just make sure you are careful because they can get the best of you!
9thave2 NYC Street Fair
Photo Credit: Tamara Bachelder

At this point, our group has grown as Bella’s cousins had join in for the fun. We continued our wander, bouncing from vendor to vendor. Ooing and Ahhing at the Oysters being shucked or the man who had been carving the leg of Serrano per order.
Serrano is similar to Prosciutto, but made from a different breed of pig. The curing method for Serrano is also different to that of the Prosciutto. Bottom line: if you see it, EAT IT!
Now it wouldn’t be a street fair without stopping to get our fill of pickles from the beloved pickle man. With plenty of opportunity to sample all the different types of pickles, we went with our favorite; the full garlic sours.
We bought a quart and they probably lasted us….mmmmm….like a day.
Post pickle pursuing, we generated our final stop at The Bread Factory. A fantastic little bakery that drew my attention with lovely little fruit tarts.
9thave2 NYC Street Fair
Photo Credit: Tamara Bachelder

Bella’s dad did us the honor by acquiring a sample of different types of delicious looking desserts. We were not disappointed! I got a berry fruit tart and Bella ate the cheesecake.
We left full, happy, and….full. Moral of the story: Should you be in New York City and find yourself in a street fair, STOP and EAT!

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