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NYC Day Trip to Hudson Valley

The Hudson Valley of New York is located an hour and a half north of New York City. It’s the perfect city escape get away to take advantage of summer’s long weekends. Here are three of our favorite places in the Hudson Valley to visit on your NYC day trip.

craft47- NYC Day Trip Hudson Valley
Photo Credit: Tamara Bachelor

Craft 47:

In the heart of little Goshen, NY, which is pretty much one of the cutest towns in upstate New York, lies the hidden gem of Craft 47. A craft beer and American tapas place with a flair for country chic style. If you want to try great food with amazing beers from around New York, this is the place you want to be at! And as an added bonus, this is a very friendly place for being gay. Every last Tuesday of every month they hold “Tuesgays Drag Bingo”. From the moment you walk in both the staff and the owner Karen make you feel like a regular. They walk you through the menu to help you choose from the great tapas selections and Karen knows her beers! We frequent this place more than any other because we truly love the hell out of it!

Brotherhood NYC Day Trip Hudson Valley
Photo Credit: Tamara Bachelder

Brotherhood Vineyard:

This is the oldest vineyard in the country. When the prohibition happened in the United States, the government granted the Brotherhood Vineyard a pass to continue making wine, which supplied churches around the nation. Another awesome fact is that Brotherhood Vineyard is the ONLY place in the world that makes sparkling wine and can legally call it “Champagne”. The contingency is that they are not allowed to change anything about the process of making or bottling their Champagne. So since before the prohibition, they have made their champagne exactly the same way. And you think it would be like hundreds of dollars, right? Wrong! It’s very reasonably priced and tastes amazing. We highly recommend taking the tour and seeing the caves and enormous barrels that house their wine. Fun fact: the place looks haunted and they throw a Halloween party!

fusioncafe NYC Day Trip Hudson Valley
Photo Credit: Tamara Bachelder

Fusion Café:

The name really says it all. It’s a perfect fusion of all different types of food from all different places. Aside from the full flavors of each dish, the real talent Fusion has is their ability to plate their food. It is absolutely flawless. The staff is nice, welcoming, knowledgeable, and very good at their recommendations. On every first Wednesday of every month, they do a five-course meal and pair each course with a specific type of wine. For the wine lovers, this is the place you should definitely check out!

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