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10 Ideas to Help Long Distance Queer Couples Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Lindsay and I have been dating for a few years, but we’ve never celebrated Valentine’s Day. With me traveling the world, and her cynicism towards manufactured holidays, it was just never a priority for us as a couple. It just wasn’t important because we felt like we didn’t need a holiday to spend quality time together, buy each other gifts or make each other feel special.
In the nearly three years we’ve been together, we’ve spent months and months apart. We started long distance while I was in NYC and she was in Harrisburg and then I moved to Korea where we had a 14 hour time difference. Even while living in the US, distance is still an issue because of my travel schedule. Now I’m living in Washington DC while Lindsay is in Harrisburg. It’s only a two-hour drive, but it still limits our time together.
This year we’ve decided to celebrate, not because we feel obligated, but because going on dates and exploring new areas is one of our favorite things. As I was planning my top secret Valentine’s Day surprise date for her, I started to think of all the things we’ve done in the past to celebrate occasions when weren’t in the same area. These ideas can be used for celebrating Valentine’s Day or any holiday when you’re away from your love. 10 Ideas to Help Long Distance Queer Couples Celebrate Valentine’s Day!

10 Ideas to Help Long Distance Queer Couples Celebrate Valentine’s Day

1. Call Valentine’s Morning

Start your Valentine’s Day off right by calling your partner first thing in the morning. If the time difference makes it so you’d be calling when they’re sleeping, consider sending a text instead. Even an early morning email would be a good idea, as most people check their email when they first wake up. Whatever your method, just make sure they know you’re thinking of them.

2. Skype Chat

If you’re going to celebrate a long-distance Valentine’s Day, you’ve got to Skype! Before the big day, schedule a time when both you and your partner can get on Skype and talk. Video is just so much more personal than texting or being on the phone. It’s cheaper too. When I was in Korea and Lindsay was in the US we made skyping a priority. The 14 hour time difference made it tough to schedule, but I always felt better once we were able to connect via video.

3. Text During the Day

While you and your long distance partner can’t be together on Valentine’s, it doesn’t mean you can’t let your partner know you’re thinking of them. So send them little cute love notes via text or social media during the day.

4.Send a Box of Valentine’s Goodies to Open on Skype Together.

Just because you’re not in the same room doesn’t mean you can’t open gifts together. Consider getting a small box and filling it with goodies for your loved one. You can unwrap them for each other on camera and chat about the meaning behind the gifts. Include different candies, flowers, little presents, vouchers for activities to do together and gift cards to pay for meals the next time you see each other. Agree ahead of time how much/what to send, and then have fun knowing your partner is enjoying similar gifts wherever they are.

5. Netflix & Chill “Together”

Just because you aren’t in the same room doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a Valentine’s Day movie together! Pick the same movie on Netflix, Amazon, or DVD and have the phone on while you both watch it.

6. Eat Dinner “Together”

Whether you want to go as far as setting a place at the table for your Skype laptop is up to you. But either way, if the timing is right, see if you and your partner can have dinner at the same time. Chat with each other on Skype or on the phone while you do so for a date feel.

7. Send Cute Valentine’s Photos

A cute way to celebrate a long-distance Valentine’s Day is to send each other Valentine’s photos of yourselves. Maybe hold up a sign with some sweet Valentine’s message, or pose in a silly way with a cutout heart. Be creative!

8. Play an Online Game Together

A wonderful way to spend Valentine’s Day together while apart is to play an online game. It’s best if the game has a text chat system or allows you to use a microphone to actually talk. It’s just another way to change things up and learn new things about your loved one.

9. Give a Long Distance Themed Gift

A good way to feel connected with your long distance partner on Valentine’s Day is with a long distance gift! From cute long distance themed coffee cup pairs to dual-dial watches, there are all sorts of fun gifts you could give for Valentine’s Day. Lindsay gave me an airplane necklace a few years ago that she bought on Etsy. On one of the wings was her hometown of Hershey and on the other was Seoul where I was living at the time. It’s one of my favorite custom gifts that I’ve ever received and I’ve worn it on every trip I’ve taken as a blogger.

10. Make a Video Message to Post Online

It’s the little things that make someone feel special from a distance. For one of my birthdays, Lindsay made me a video montage of our travels together. The pictures were beautiful and reminded me how much I value the quality of our time together over the quantity.
Have you ever been in a long distance relationship on Valentine’s Day?

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