The Best LGBT Travelers to Follow on Instagram

Lindsay Cale

Instagram has always been our favorite social media site because it’s an easy way to connect with travelers from around the world and plan our future trips. We’re not ashamed to say that we’ve found some of our favorite locations in the world via beautifully curated LGBT Instagram feeds. Find your travel inspiration and plan your next vacation with tips and trips from the best LGBT travelers on Instagram. These seasoned queer travel veterans know all the hotspots for gay travel around the world.

Dopes on the Road

What would a good blog post be without a little self-promotion? Catch up with us on our Instagram accounts LindsCale and MegCale. You’ll see our adventures from two different perspective and aesthetics. Let us know if you can guess who’s the introvert and who’s the extrovert.

This Colorful World

This beautiful couple, Lauren (Button) and Lisa split their time between California and Sweden. They’ve found that perfect balance between wanderlusty travel and sweet snapshots of their daily life. The best place to catch this busy couple is on their YouTube Channel This Colorful World.

Travels of Adam

Adam is based in Berlin and has a TON of information about gay travel in Europe. His Hipster Guides are a resource we turn to whenever we’re traveling on our own. We particularly love his spot on restaurant recommendations.

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Once Upon A Journey

Once Upon A Journey  Roxanne and Maartje are traveling together full time plus they just got engaged! They have been all over and it feels like their story is just getting started. They’re one of my favorite lesbian travel couples to follow because their content is always beautiful and informative.

Tara Beth Photography  

We’ve been huge fans of Tara’s work for almost as long as Dopes on the Road has been around. She does gorgeous LGBT destination weddings and stunning lifestyle shoots. Including this articles beautiful facebook cover photo. If you’re thinking of having a destination wedding don’t forget to check out Tara Beth Photography.

Two Bad Tourists

Austin and Dave of Two Bad Tourists have been continuously traveling for 6 years. They focus on gay-friendly destinations, tours, and festivals. Most of all, with their signature pink sunglasses they just make all their adventures look like so much fun!

Nomadic Boys

Sebastian and Stefan, are a couple that has been traveling and running their blog Nomadic Boys since 2014. They have spent the last 18 months creating some incredible content in Latin America, even visiting the same hotel we got married at in Ecuador. They are now headed back to Europe to keep the adventure going.

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The Loc’d Bella

Debbie Lemonte is a photographer, travel and lifestyle blogger who powers The Loc’d Bella. She just finished her 52 Weeks Across America, exploring the United States as a queer person of color. Her style and photography has us making frequent stops to her Instagram.

Sara Geffard

Sara is a creative, an artist, and a style expert. Hailing from the streets of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Sara moved to NY as a teenager in pursuit of an architectural degree. Wanting to share her passion for style, she launched her blog. A Dapper Chick is a creative outlet which she uses to share her personal style. These days she’s one of the top influencers in the unconventionally masculine fashion game and has killer photography skills to boot.  

Globetrotter Girls

Dani left her desk job in 2010 and set out to see the world. Now in 2017, she is still on the road and not looking back. She as incredible information on all the details of long-term travel, like 2017 Edition of Must Have Travel Gadgets. She’s also done pet and house sitting all around the world so if you’re trying to come up with a way to fund your dream check her out.

Couple of Men

A Couple of Men chronicles Karl and Daan’s adventures around the world. They spend a lot of time outside and seem to travel in a style similar to our own. They made Helsinki look so fun that we used their guide as a resource when we were planning our own adventure.


After years abroad Melissa and Constance of LezBackpack moved to Austin, Texas. This super stylish couple is always posting photos of their adventures around Austin that just make you wanna chill with them. They also do some killer getaways, most recently landing in Seattle and Ireland.  

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Life of Bly

Bly who has been nomadic for years decided she wanted a place to call home. After living out of a bag for so long, she knows she could “live tiny”. So she built a tiny house to call her own and has it parked in upstate New York. If you check her out on YouTube you can even see a tour of her house and follow her traveling adventures.

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Emily and Karli Buckley

You may recognize Emily from our Queers You Should Know interview a few years ago. Well, she’s back and married and better than ever. She and her wife, Karli have recently started a blog and are highlighting some of their fitness tips, travels, and life philosophy

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Only Once Today

Lobke and Inge are a couple from Belgium traveling and running their blog Only Once Today. In one of those moments that reminds you how small the world is, we actually ran into them while eating dinner in Playa del Carmen this year! They also write a lot of great information on traveling while gender non conforming, this post on the dreaded public bathrooms is one of my favorites.

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Viaja Bi

Rafael is a Brazilian blogger and YouTuber who focuses on gay travel through a very thoughtful lens. He’s also someone Meg just loves paling around with whenever they end up in the same country together. Catch up with him on his YouTube channel Viaja Bi!

Dream Euro Trip

DJ Yabis of Dream Euro Trip is all about STYLISH adventures in Europe and around the world. When I think DJ, I think sophisticated and chic travel through a well-curated eye. He is also a fantastic resource during the early trip planning for information on visas and budget.

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Arielle Scarcella

Already one of the biggest YouTubers in the game, Arielle is best known for her controversial content on sex and sexuality has recently broken into the travel game. The content is less, guides or tips and more personal stories from her adventures on the road. She’s currently doing a bunch of stuff all over the US, check out her Philadelphia video.

Happy Camper Wives

Valerie and Jessie are telling us all about their journey of living in a teardrop camper on their blog Happy Camper Wives. They set out looking to find a more simple life and settled into their 15-foot camper. They also write up some camping recipes that sound better than what we cook at home most nights.

Doryn Fine

Doryn Fine is equal parts college student and world traveler. She’s only 22 and has already hit 3 continents and 13 countries. She on a major quest to check places off her bucket list. She’s based in California but recently visited Bali. Her photos from Bali give me the worst wanderlust – I can’t wait to visit and follow her recommendations.

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Hols & Bear

Hollie and Claire aka Hols and Bear are a lesbian couple from London traveling the world together. They’re budget backpackers at heart and have some great tips on long-term travel. You’ll find all kinds of information in their YouTube videos on places like Cambodia.

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The Globbers

I’ll be honest The Globbers have become an obsession based on aesthetic alone. Italian couple Luca and Ale are all kinds of goals!

Lez Wander the World

Zoey and Mari are a lesbian couple traveling the world and documenting their adventure on their blog Lez Wander the World. They met in Thailand while they were both staying on the iconic Khao San Road at the same hostel. I love their photos because they’re bright, airy, and just scream fun.

Les Talk, More Travel

Leslie is an introvert who is also super gay and loves to travel. Her blog Les Talk, More Travel is about local and international adventures for quiet queers, lovers of the Pacific Northwest, and other interested humans!

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Kelly Miyar and Mar

These aesthetics, all the heart eye emojis. They have two separate, yet equally stylish Instagram accounts and come together for their YouTube channel Exploring Us. They recently took a cross-country road trip that was equal parts travel and coffee.

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Lorenza Tessari

Lorenza and her partner are an Italian couple living in Canada and are basically aesthetic goals. Their photography is to drool worthy and leaves me waiting on the edge of my seat for their next post.

Waiting on June

Lindsay is a New York City creative who posts gorgeous photos of her life with her girlfriend, Magdalena. While they’re not strictly travel Instagrammers, they could be if they wanted to be. They’ve got a style that is so effortlessly beautiful without trying hard.

Uwern Jong

Uwern is one of the masterminds behind Out There Magazine. His photos showcase his luxurious style of travel and would be at home in the pages of the world’s best fashion magazines. Uwern is also by far the best writer on this list. He’s an award-winning travel writer and creates stories that I could only dream of writing.

27 Travels

Gabi and Shanna, photographers and videographers showing the world their unique backpacker style of travel through their Youtube channel and Instagram photos. Their feed is bright, lively and filled with all the activities they’ve done around the world.

Les Go There

Cassie & Jenaya share their love story through beautiful images documenting their life together. They spend a lot of time showcasing their love for Bermuda and exploring various parts of the United States.

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