Summer 2017 – What We’ve Done and Where We’ve Been

Meg Cale

Hey Ya’ll

The last few months have been a whirlwind with so many awesome trips and adventures. As LGBT travel bloggers we get to see a lot of really awesome places around the world. But I wanted to update you on the stuff going on behind the curtain. Our guides tend to be written for you to recreate our trips – which several of you have – and we LOVE IT. This new series is more of a personal life update on what we’ve been doing behind the scenes.

Ames a quien ames, Madrid te quire 🌈 #WorldPride

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Meg Went to World Pride in Madrid Spain

I was invited by Spanish Tourism to visit Madrid for World Pride as part of the media team. I was with a group of other bloggers, YouTubers, and journalists the whole time we were there. We did a lot of touring around the city but we also got to dance on a float and enjoyed our fair share of the Madrid after dark. The parade was a great opportunity because I’ve seen a lot of Prides but there’s something about seeing straight families with their babies in a crowd that really gives me hope for the direction of the world. It was very clear why Spain is considered the number one travel destination for LGBT folks. 

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We Moved to Merida Mexico

Lindsay and I moved to Merida, Mexico in early July with our two weenie babies. We’ve been spending time learning to navigate Merida, exploring the city, and studying Spanish. Lindsay’s mom, Maggie moved with us so she’s able to take care of our weenie babies while we’re on the road. It was important to us that they have a stable home while we’re traveling, so the situation worked out perfectly.

We Celebrated Meg’s 30th Birthday in Austin, Texas

I turned 30 at the end of July in Austin Texas. I decided to visit Austin for my big day because I’d heard so many great things about the city from friends in the area. Turns out that it was exactly as awesome as we’ve heard. We did a ton of shopping and contemplating the turning point in my life. I mean – 30 is a big one. I have a feeling my 30s will be my best decade yet. It wasn’t all deep thoughts and shopping bags though, we put together this Austin Travel Guide for you on your next trip to Austin.

For me turning 30 hasn't been scary at all. I'm excited to be in my 30s. My twenties were a decade spent trying to find myself. I was searching for this person I thought I should be rather than just marinating in who I actually am. I experimented with relationships, flirted with cities, and really questioned my values and why I do the things I do. It was difficult but a decade well spent. While I will always be discovering new aspects of myself and growing as a human, I think I've got a pretty good idea of who I am now and the Meg I'd like to grow into over the next ten years. My 30s will be a decade of adventures. I want to eat all the food. Travel to all the places and remember to do the little things that make me happy even if those little things are not what the cool kids are doing. Being in Austin for my birthday was a deliberate choice for me. Sure - I'm here working but the best part of my job is that I get to do what I love for work. I selected Austin for my birthday adventure because I wanted to be in a city that reflected some of my values and celebrated this turning point in my life. I want to embrace the weird. Invest in creative energy. Own my work. Reclaim my time. And spend time with folks I care about like @mllangley and @chung_usa Today I'm taking a little bit of space for me but I promise I will respond to every single one of your messages. Please know how appreciative I am for all the love and allowing me to be a tiny little part of your day. Thanks ya'll! @lindscale and I are sending you love from Austin.

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Meg Went to Argentina to Speak at the GNETWORK 360 Conference

I was in Buenos Aires, Argentina because I was invited to speak at the GNetwork360 conference. I was there to present about the role of women in LGBT tourism and being a pro travel blogger. It’s always amazing to be able to represent our community and help folks understand the unique needs of women in male-dominated spaces. Of course – even while I’m at a conference I still have to find time to sneak away and experience the city first hand so I spent a lot of my downtime touring Buenos Aires. After the conference, I headed down to El Calafate, Argentina which was one of the most amazing trips I’ve taken. I haven’t written about it yet – I will – I promise -but check out my Instagram for some of the photos. 

We Met Lindsay’s Dad in Cancun For Our First Family Vacation

Lindsay’s best friend in the whole world is her dad. They’re pretty much the same person if I’m being honest. She’d rather hang out with him than anyone else. One of the reasons it took us so long to move internationally was because she couldn’t imagine a life where she couldn’t pop over to her dad’s house for a March Madness game and a meal on a random Tuesday. He’s always supported our goals but he’s never truly understood why we prioritize travel over everything else. He’s a dad so he’s nervous about us wandering the world. He asks us questions like “Do bloggers get a 401k?” Or “Wait – what’s an Instagram?” Which makes me laugh but makes me love him so much more. This year for Christmas we gifted him a trip to anywhere in the world he wanted to go. The only rule was that it had to be somewhere that pushed him outside his comfort zone. That trip is coming in November but we thought we’d give him a trial run before the big scary life expanding trip. We showed him our world via Playa Del Carmen and gave him a little taste of what our life is like. Lindsay will be telling that story from her perspective very very soon but this wouldn’t be a complete recap without mentioning our mini family vacay.

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We Celebrated Our First Wedding Anniversary in Louisville Kentucky With Some Bourbon and Horses

Louisville was in a word – AWESOME. We got to visit the barns at Churchill Downs, home of the world-famous Kentucky Derby. I got to try on a variety of fancy hats in the gift shop and Lindsay got to learn all about the athletic side of horse racing. We toured Angel’s Envy Bourbon distillery despite neither of us being drinkers. AND we loved it. The smell of a distillery should be bottled and perfumed. We put together a guide of our favorite parts of LGBT Friendly Louisville.

Summer 2017 by the Numbers

Flights: 16

Delayed Flights: 1

Different Hotels: 11

Number of AirBNBs: 3

Nights Spent in Accommodations: 67

Times We Got Lost: 13

Number of Cab Rides: 96

Times We Were Robbed: 1

Beach Days: 7

Bowls of Sopa De Lima: 6

Countries Visited: 4

Cities Visited: 14

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Coming Up:

Playa Del Carmen with Belmond Hotels – October


Torrance, California with Discover Torrance– October

Los Angeles, California – October

Cairo and Luxor, Egypt with Contiki – October

Lima and Cusco, Peru – November

Helsinki, Finland with Helsinki Secret– December

Portugal with Visit Portugal– December

Other Places in Europe -Where should we go? – December

 Meg Won a Cee Smith Media Award Grant

Cee Smith Media generously awarded me a grant to continue spreading the good word about Slacktivist: Using Digital Media to Create Change. I’ll be bringing my show on the road and speaking at MOTHERSHIP Festival later this month about digital activism alongside some of my favorite queer media folks.  You can still order your copy of Slacktivist today. AND MOTHERSHIP tickets are still on sale. Use the code DOPES for 20% off your tickets.


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