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Top 9 Instagram Photos of 2015

1 year. 10 countries. 32 brand partnerships. 30,000 followers. 112,000 Instagram hearts. 2015 has been an eventful year with incredible highs and lows. After 3 years of intense labor I took my little hobby from a passing interest to a full time business. I’ve fought through every moment of this year. From the time I missed my flight in the UK and had to borrow money to get home from Europe, or when I dropped my phone (with all my blog photos) off the literal side of a cliff or when I left my brand new DSLR behind on my way to cover‪#‎mygaypride‬. Where there are lows, there are eventual highs & the same happened for me. I landed some of the biggest brand partnerships of my career this year. I Interviewed tons of lesbians on Instagram like Laura Cramer. I partnered with LGBT wedding photographer Tara Beth Robertson on an interview and on a holiday themed photo feature of queer love. I also posted my first YouTube video, which was scary as fuck tbh. Long story short, 2015 was a rollercoaster but also filled with lots of cool shit.


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The holidays can be a very difficult time for queer people. Our experiences vary as widely as our community does, but for me the holidays are particularly loathsome. My distaste is a product of a rough childhood wrapped in homophobia and conservative ideals. I’m far from alone in this feeling. A few years ago during one particularly rough holiday break, as an exercise in self-care I started collecting photos of queer love as a reminder of the diversity, strength, and grace in our community. I would reference these images and note the contrast to the negative things I was being told about who I am. I thought the same idea might be helpful to some of you guys. So, I reached out to @tarabethphotography for help in curating a post as a resource for all those LGBTQ people out there that might need a reminder of our beauty via some dawwww worthy photos. Link is in the bio

A photo posted by Meg Ten Eyck (@dopesontheroad) on


What made number 1 in your year?

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