Jordan: Adventure Through Petra

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime! Join us as we journey through the enchanting landscapes of Jordan. From the mesmerizing Petra to the rugged beauty of Wadi Rum, this trip is all about breathtaking experiences.

But there’s more to it – imagine discovering hidden gems, embracing diverse cultures, and creating lasting memories. Plus, Jordan’s growing queer-friendly spaces in Amman offer a unique blend of authenticity and acceptance.

Now, here’s the scoop: This adventure might be a bit more physically demanding than some, with some high-altitude hikes and other strenuous activities. But guess what? It’s totally accessible to most healthy travelers.

So don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to explore ancient wonders and make new friends. Join us on a journey that celebrates the beauty of both the land and the amazing queer women who’ll be part of it. Your adventure in Jordan awaits – let’s make it unforgettable!





  • Day 1: Amman

    Join us for an unforgettable EveryQueer welcome dinner as we kick off our Jordan adventure! Amman's hotels are spread across the city, so taxis will be your trusty mode of transport for exploring; we'll provide recommendations. Arrive on your own schedule, and if you're early, dive into pre-dinner excitement with fellow travelers. If not, we've curated a list of fantastic queer-friendly bars and cafes in Amman to explore.

  • Day 2: Amman/‘Ajlūn

    Embark on a journey to the lesser-explored side of Jordan as you head north from Amman to Ajloun for a day of adventure. After a satisfying breakfast, make your way to the captivating Ajloun region, a hidden gem that defies the typical desert image of Jordan. Instead, you'll be greeted by lush woodlands, olive groves, and imposing oak trees. Ajloun Nature Reserve Hike at Ajloun Forest Reserve: 2-3 hours, covering 3-4 kilometers Embark on a scenic trek through the Ajloun Nature Reserve, a well-kept secret in Jordan. This desert oasis showcases nature's splendor with its stunning landscapes. Follow a trail enveloped by olive groves, oak trees, pistachio trees, and carob trees. The reserve offers a variety of trails spanning 13 kilometers (8 miles), each with its own level of difficulty. This trek is a leisurely stroll, but we recommend sturdy footwear for your comfort. Throughout the day, enjoy all-inclusive meals to keep you energized and fueled for your adventure. Get ready to immerse yourself in the hidden beauty of Jordan's landscapes and enjoy a day filled with exploration and natural wonders.

  • Day 3: Ajlūn/Dead Sea

    Start your day with an exciting adventure, beginning with a short bus ride to Wadi Mujib. Here, you'll spend your morning hiking, climbing, and making your way down to the world-renowned Dead Sea. In the winter months (November-March), you'll have the opportunity to explore the Ibex Trail, a dry trail lasting 3-4 hours. During the summer (April-October), embark on the wet trail known as the Mujib Canyon Trail, a 4-hour journey filled with thrilling canyoneering and wading through streams in the Wadi Mujib. No matter the season, you'll be treated to spectacular scenery and a chance to spot local wildlife. After your adventure in Wadi Mujib, continue a short distance to the Dead Sea. Here, you'll discover the legendary healing properties of this iconic body of water, renowned for its unique mineral composition and extreme salinity. Watch salt chunks float by on the water's surface as you take a dip and effortlessly float like a buoy. Alternatively, cover yourself in the therapeutic mud along the shore, believed to have medicinal benefits. Convenient showers are available nearby for a refreshing post-Dead Sea cleanse. Throughout the day, enjoy the ease of all-inclusive meals to keep you energized for your adventures. As the day winds down, you'll spend the night at the Dead Sea, ready to continue your Jordanian journey.

  • Day 4: Dead Sea/Petra

    Explore the remarkable Dana Biosphere Reserve and venture into its distinctive terrain. Later, transfer to Petra for an overnight stay, with the option to experience the site illuminated by candlelight during a late-night visit. Discover the enchanting Dana Nature Reserve, a verdant oasis amid the vast desert expanse. Embark on a guided hike through the reserve, following the captivating Feathers Canyon Trail. This trail will lead you past ancient Nabatean tombs, ultimately revealing a breathtaking siq. Dana's natural diversity is a treat for the senses, featuring an array of plant life, including many unique to the reserve. Keep a keen eye out for several endangered species that call this remarkable place home.

  • Day 5: Petra

    Embark on an enchanting trek through the rugged gorges and canyons, starting from Little Petra and leading to the iconic rose-rock city of Petra. Immerse yourself in a guided exploration of this magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Site. Over the next two days, set out to discover Petra's wonders. Begin your journey at Al Beidha, known as Little Petra, a hidden gem tucked away within a mountain. It's a miniature version of Petra, complete with notable tombs, offering a taste of Petra's charm without the bustling crowds. Following your exploration of Little Petra, make a short 5-kilometer trek to the heart of Petra itself. As you catch your first glimpse of the Monastery from a vantage point high above the Petra ruins, anticipation builds. The rest of the day is yours to uncover Petra's marvels, from the awe-inspiring Siq, a narrow gorge with towering sandstone walls, to the famed Al-Khazneh treasury. With your knowledgeable CEO as your guide, delve into Petra's rich history and explore its remarkable monuments, including the Pharaoh's Castle, the triumphal arch, the amphitheater, and the monastery. Optional Activity - Day 5: Consider treating your tired muscles to a well-deserved Turkish Bath experience, an ideal way to relax after a day of exploration.

  • Day 6: Petra/Wadi Rum

    Discover the heart of Jordan's desert wonders with a free morning exploring Petra. Then, journey to mystical Wadi Rum for an authentic Bedouin experience under the starry skies. Begin with a leisurely visit to Petra, allowing you to explore at your own pace based on your interests and the day's weather. Next, head to Wadi Rum, a serene desert landscape boasting ancient riverbeds and stunning desert scenery. If time allows, embark on an exhilarating 4x4 adventure into the desert. Arrive at a comfortable tented camp in the Dissah Oasis of Wadi Rum. Enjoy a traditional dinner, immerse yourself in Bedouin culture, and savor impressive stargazing in the absence of city lights. Prepare for an unforgettable 4x4 journey deep into the desert, admiring natural beauty and unique landscapes. Spend the night in the desert, relishing a traditional meal and connecting with ancient Bedouin culture around a fire. If you're lucky, enjoy some musical entertainment with the drums! Your desert accommodation includes individual connected cabins with bathrooms. Basic linens are provided, and many travelers opt to bring a sleep sheet for added comfort.

  • Day 7: Wadi Rum/Amman

    Join us on an enriching adventure. We'll visit Safi Kitchen, a nonprofit in the South Ghour region, just south of the Dead Sea. Their mission is to empower the local community, emphasizing cultural heritage and preserving natural resources. Enjoy an Al Safi Community Bike Tour and Lunch: Embark on a scenic bike tour before pausing for a mouthwatering traditional Jordanian meal at Al Safi Kitchen. Explore the grounds, savor a delicious meal crafted from Safi's own farm-fresh ingredients, and delve into the nonprofit's commitment to forging a sustainable future for the local community near the Dead Sea. Join us for a day filled with culture, community, and a taste of Jordan's rich traditions.

  • Day 8: Amman

    You're free to depart at your convenience. If you have a later flight, why not explore some of Amman's vibrant queer hotspots? These welcoming spaces offer a blend of local Jordanians and expats, providing a great opportunity to connect and gain insights into Jordan's dynamic queer scene. Feel free to connect with one of the EveryQueer team members, and they'll be delighted to provide you with tips and point you in the right direction for a memorable exploration of the local queer community.


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