Pride 2024 in Argentina: Iguazú + Buenos Aires

What’s better than a trip to beautiful Argentina? A trip to Argentina with a bunch of other queer folks! 

From Iguazu to Buenos Aires, you’ll be having a fantastic time with a new group of friends. On this eight-night gay Argentina trip, we have a range of amazing activities planned, including visiting the world’s largest waterfall, exploring local Argentinian queer culture, learning to dance a queer tango, and riding the Fiesta Rose Girls float at Buenos Aires Pride, one of the largest pride parades in the world. This trip is full of queer community, Argentine culture, and of course – pride.

About our accommodations

We’ll be staying in 4* hotels in full comfort and style.

In Iguazú, we’ll stay at a centrally located hotel with a rooftop swimmingpool with panoramic views of the jungle and the Iguazú river.

In Buenos Aires, enjoy the 23rd floor spa of the Marriott hotel, which is walking distance from Pride activities

About our hosts and community impact

This program is run by a locally owned travel agency that has won awards for it’s work with the LGBT+ community. All your tour guides are part of the LGBT+ community and you can expect to support businesses and NGOs with your trip, leaving a positive impact behind you.




  • Day 1: Welcome to Argentina! Fly to Iguazú

    You’ll arrive at the EZE airport in the morning and be greeted by our EveryQueer Staff & local tour guide. You'll then get on a flight to Iguazú with, where we'll have some time to rest or take a sip of a cocktail in our rooftop pool before heading to a delicious welcome dinner.

  • Day 2: Wet fun at the Argentine Iguazu Falls

    Today we set off to explore the Argentine side of Iguazu Falls, one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World. We’ll walk through the superior circuit and visit Garganta del Diablo during the morning. This area has one of the most distinctive and extraordinary terrains. The water falls so intense here that vapor clouds and rainbows are common occurrences. Beautiful birds that are unique to the area, vencejos, fly around the falls. With over 160 falls filling beautiful scenery, you’ll definitely understand why this is named one of the 7 Natural Wonders. After a quick break for lunch, we set off to get intimate with the falls at the Gran Aventura Boat ride, where we’ll take Zodiacs up to the bottom of the falls: Prepare to get soaked!

  • Day 3: Brazilian Side of the Falls + Belmond Lunch + Flights to Buenos Aires

    In the morning we’ll take a tour of the Brazilian side of these breathtaking waterfalls. While looking over panoramic views of the falls from this perspective, you’ll get a more rounded, 360 view of this monumental site. We’ll then have a stunning buffet lunch at Belmond Iguazu. This lunch is a 3-course meal that you’ll enjoy while looking out into the Brazilian rainforest. The sounds of the falls and the melodic birds will surround you as you dine on delectable options, including fusion dishes and barbeque. After lunch, we’ll fly out of Cataratas del Iguazú International Airport, and arrive at the Buenos Aires Hotel in the evening.

  • Day 4: An Intro to Argentine Culture

    Today, we set off to explore Buenos Aires’ history and queer culture and discover the story of how Argentina became one of the queer-friendliest countries in the world. Together we’ll explore Plaza de Mayo, San Telmo, La Boca, and Puerto Madero. The Plaza de Mayo is a center of history, rebellion, and hope. We’ll see its main landmarks: the Presidential Palace, the Cathedral, and the Cabildo, and talk about the political and social importance of these sites. We’ll be making our way back here for Pride on Saturday as Pride is right near the Presidential Palace. Argentina is one of the most progressive countries in the recognition of gender-diverse rights and the President’s child is one of the first legally recognized non-binary citizens of the country. Then, we set off to explore La Boca, the immigrant quarters of the city, and San Telmo, where we’ll have a quick lunch at a Queer-owned restaurant. In this neighborhood, we will learn about the history of the lesbian basements and how the community has become one of the epicenters of LGBT history and culture. After learning how to prepare the local beverage mate, we finish for the day so you can continue exploring on your own. You’ll be sure to have an enriching experience full of culture and life.

  • Day 5: French Districts + Queer History + NGO visit

    Today, we set off to the affluent neighborhoods of the North of Buenos Aires while we continue to dive into the city’s Queer History. We will begin at the Recoleta and Retiro neighborhoods, the French areas of Buenos Aires that were the backdrop to Argentina’s Gilded Age. Then, we’re off to pay a quick visit to the most beautiful bookshop in the world before heading to the National Congress. This is one of the most important places for the Queer movement. The Egalitarian Marriage Bill, the Gender Identity Law, and many other rights were cemented in front of this majestic building. This is also where the parade will finish on Saturday. We finish our day visiting our favorite LGBTQ nonprofit: Mocha Celis. This high school that caters specifically to the transgender and gender non-conforming community is also run by people in the community. We will find out what it’s like inside the first school of its kind in the world and about the important work carried out here for education, equity, health access, and more.

  • Day 6: Queer Tango

    Enjoy a free day in Buenos Aires. We suggest visiting the Palermo neighborhood, known for its hip food scene, designer stores, and street art. After dinner, we get together to immerse ourselves in the quintessential music and dance of Buenos Aires: tango. We will first attend a Queer tango workshop, where we’ll learn the basic steps of tango, as well as how this dance style has evolved to become inclusive to the LGBTQ+ community. Tango is very important to the culture in Buenos Aires. Beginning in the streets, the tango was popular among sex workers and the lower and working class. It was sexual, lustful, and seductive. When dictatorships and prohibition were at large in Argentina, the dance went underground. It later re-emerged in the 1980s and gained popularity throughout the world. In this new generation, traditional gender roles are bent to give birth to the Queer Tango scene. We will learn fluid and changing roles for dancing at a Cuir Tango Studio. Our teacher and two assistants will help us get our footing before heading out to the milonga, the traditional tango dancehall. Excitement, culture, and energy will be felt throughout the room. And if you’d rather not partake, you’re more than welcome to watch and support those dancing! Then, we set off to the milongas, the tango dance halls where you’ll be able to mingle with locals while you practice your new steps. Tickets to the milonga, wine, and round-trip transportation are included.

  • Day 7: Set Sail

    Let’s set sail to the islands of Tigre, a natural haven an hour away from the city where thousands of islands are crossed by lazy rivers and canals. We’ll take a private boat to navigate for an hour in beautiful landscapes before arriving at a cabin where we’ll eat some picada while we cook an asado, the traditional barbecue of Argentina. It will be the perfect opportunity to unwind in a gorgeous area, catch up with your new friends and take in all the beauty and adventure we’ve had so far. You’ll be able to swim in the magnificent water and eat a delicious meal together.

  • Day 8: Buenos Aires Pride

    It’s time for Buenos Aires Pride! You’ll be free to go to the rally and party the night out. Buenos Aires Pride is one of the largest pride parades in the world, and as part of our trip, you’ll have the opportunity to be on the Fiesta Rose Girls float. This parade is truly a march and celebration for the people. There are little to no big corporations as the community runs and partakes in the parade. People line the streets, with street vendors and support all around. You’ll feel a strong sense of community and belonging as we make our way through the crowds. We’ll also go to Fiesta Rose Girls, which is one of the largest parties for queer women in the world. With around 1,500 queer women at a high production valued event with alcohol, a DJ, and dancers, this is a night you won’t want to miss.

  • Day 9: Free Day + Farewell Merienda

    Free Day! You’re welcome to take the time to explore on your own, with those you came with, or any new friends you made before heading back home. We suggest hitting the San Telmo fair, which is one of the most important fairs in the country. We will have a farewell merienda together before heading to the airport. We’ll be transferring out to EZE airport in the evening.


/Per Person Based on Double Occupancy

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