The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts Based On Four Lesbian Stereotypes
Meg Cale
I’m not going to lie to ya’ll – this post was born out of boredom and procrastination while online shopping. Let’s pretend that’s a productive activity and that you’ll actually find this information useful. Okay? Cool – Looking for that perfect gift for your special someone? Have no idea what to get? I’ve made things easier for you. Here’s a lesbian gift guide based on some of my favorite stereotypes of our community.  If you find something you like just follow the links above the image to purchase each item online.


This one may or may not be loosely based on my personality and entirely self-serving **cough Lindsay cough ** Most LezBiQueers have that Bette Porter esque friend that’s super into stationary and being a workaholic. This guide is for the girl who lives on espresso and dreams. This guide is also a perfect fit for the Sara Medd’s or Tara Beth Robertson’s of your friend group.

The Athlete

This girl is probably wearing one of those elastic headbands that matches her sneakers while on the way to yoga, or crossfit or some other activity that sounds hard and probably involves sweating. To each their own. Lindsay used to be this person until we got married and she realized physical movement is overrated and pizza tastes better than skinny will ever feel. Okay – I don’t really know if that’s true or not lol This is for the Dana Fairbanks, Ruslana Sokolovskaya or Emily Buckley of your friend circle.

The Dapper Daddy

Shit – I’m running out of L Word references. There wasn’t realllllyyy a truly dapper character. Don’t even get me started on Shane. I file her under #NoThanks. But if I’m being honest that’s only the start of the problematic issues in The L Word. This guide is more for the Laura Cramer‘s of your world. Ya know the girl so smooth she could flirt with a couch? THAT girl.

The Feisty Femme

Fierce feisty femmes are my soul sisters. Women like Laura Wise make the world go round. I might be a bit biased on this one though. Femme invisibility is real folks for all my girly girls in the lipstick in heels. I see you.