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Lesbian Gift Guide: Valentine’s Day Edition

Are you looking for gift ideas for that special someone and have no clue what to get them even though you feel you know them very well? Yeah? Happens to the best of us.  If you want to be romantic chocolates, fresh flowers and beautiful lingerie are the way to go. If something a bit more unique feels right look no further this is a lesbian gift guide for people just like you. These are valentine’s ideas for her, him, they, or anyone even if it isn’t a romantic relationship. So, back to know them, but not knowing what to get them. These gifts are categorized by what kind of friend they are in their friend group. The categories are as follows: Extra AF friend, woke friend, parent friend, plant-based friend (vegetarian or vegan), and introverted friend.

First, we have the EXTRA AF friend. This is the friend that always has to have and be the best of the best. They always have to have the perfect lighting for all the selfies so what about a Lumee Light Case or a Selfie Light Ring. Both will give them the lighting they want, but with the light ring, they can be more lowkey extra. Do they always seem to need another accessory to complete their outfit but not nothing seems to work? Get them a pair of Non-prescription glasses, they will complete an outfit no matter the event or destination. I wear mine all the time and continue to buy more. If they love Beyonce half as much as I do, then this Beyonce shrine candle is perfect.  If they wear make-up you couldn’t go wrong with an organizer for all their EXTRA products. But if all else fails with that person, then who wouldn’t want to smell good and even be able to change that scent monthly? Scentbird is a monthly subscription to name brand perfumes and colognes. You can’t go wrong with that.

Are they in touch with the world around them? If they aren’t they should be. But that’s another story. To be woke means you actively aware of systemic injustices and prejudices, especially those related to civil and human rights. To help them cut down on waste you could get them these three reusable items: a Diva Cup to cut down on tampon and pad waste, metal straws to cut down on plastic waste, or a keep cup to cut down on the number of single-use cups. If these aren’t appealing to you then get them some empowering literature like “Our Stories, Our Voice” or “We should all be Feminists.” I love a good empowering and educational novel. And last but not least get them a graphic tee with a purpose, so they can be a walking billboard for social justice.



So, neither of these first two describes your significant other, there’s more. Are they vegan or vegetarian? That’s what I liked to call the Plant-Based Friend. Either they are by choice or because their diet forces them to be. Either way, these gifts are perfect for them. Get them some Team Herbivore Merch or a  Powered by Plant’s shirt so they can be cute and quirky. Speaking of quirky, you should also get them this mug with cute veggies on it. If they wouldn’t wear or use either of those then maybe they cook? You could get them a vegan cookbook or this vegetable murderer cutting board  If they don’t wear clothes or cook lol we still got this.  This gift is the gift that keeps giving, literally. Get them a subscription for vegan snacks from Urth Box.

Are they the friend that fixes everything? Your always on call handy-woman? Really this is for that person the just seems to be adulting a little better than the rest of us.  Having a person like this in our lives feels like a security blanket. If they loved to stay organized you could get them a set of cool pens and detailed planner so they can feel like they can keep their life together no matter what is going on. If they are always fixing things you could get them a toolbox and even a Power Screwdriver.  If they love to cook and have people over for meals an Instant Pot is a perfect idea. Do you know what goes well with that? Wow, you guessed it that’s crazy. Yes, it is a Blue Apron subscription they deliver you the ingredients and tell you how to cook the meal. What more could you ask for? Yeah someone to cook it but that’s a bit over the top.

This last one is my favorite because I relate to it the most. It is the introvert friend, so the person who gets their energy from being alone and away from society. This is the friend who would rather stay home and watch Netflix than have to socialize constantly. So what better thing to get them than something to watch Netflix on? You could get them a firestick for that exact reason. Do you know what would go well with that? A heated blanket. If neither of those sounds appealing, then get them a homesick candle to smell as they write in a simple journal. And if all else fails, get them some Godiva chocolate truffles and Wine Subscription from Winc.

For the record, I am a piece of each of these friends I just don’t claim one fully. That might be the case for you or your significant other, so mix and match any or all of these. Maybe none of these sound good but it sparked an awesome idea, Glad I could help!


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