Queers You Should Know; Androgynous Model Laura Cramer

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This week on Queers You Should Know, We’ve got the Dutch androgynous model who’s taking Instagram by storm, Laura Cramer. Laura, tell us a bit about yourself. 

I am 25 years old. I am from the Netherlands. I live in a small town called Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel. This has been my home as long as I can remember. I grew up with one older sister, a twin sister and my mother. For the last 3 and a half years I’ve  lived with my wife, Lisa Cramer.

Wait… you have a twin sister? This changes everything! Identical or fraternal?

She’s my fraternal twin, her name is Linda. We’re very close, but we both work a lot of hours so I don’t see her as much as I’d like.

Awe, that’s so cute… Linda and Laura.

Okay, I’ve gotta ask this one. You have an incredible 44,000 Instagram followers. That’s actually double the population of the city you live in. Pretty crazy when you think about it that way. Why do you think so many people are invested in your life?

I still ask myself the same question. It’s unbelievable to see how fast my Instagram grew and still grows every day. Maybe it is because I am not like society’s standard of a woman and people can relate to that. I don’t care that I’m different, I embrace it.

Photo Credit: Laura Cramer

I mean, clearly you get tons of compliments on your photos. Folks seem to be accepting you just fine. Speaking of which, you’re one of the spokesmodels for RodeoH harnesses. How did you get involved with RodeoH?

Actually, it was really simple. They sent me a message through Instagram, 2 years ago and asked me  if I was interested in modeling for them.. They included their contact information. I remember showing my wife and she got really excited about it. I didn’t believe it at first because I’m just a small-town girl. But after a few conversation with them, I signed my contract and got my first shipment of products to the door.

Whoa, that’s awesome. I would have thought it would be a bit more complicated than that. Before this interview, I asked my followers what they wanted to know about you and most of their questions revolved around you being a sex symbol and “celesbian.” How do you feel about being labeled this way?

I really can’t believe it. Being a sex symbol is beyond my wildest thoughts and definitely never what my intentions were. My wife is a photographer and when we started dating I hated when she wanted to take pictures of me. The longer we were together the more I appreciated being in front of the camera. I intend to be artistic and classy in my photos, not necessarily sexual. But I don’t mind being labeled that way, I am very flattered haha.

I mean…fuck…I wouldn’t mind being a called sex symbol either hahahahahaha Somehow this is a problem I don’t have to deal with. hahahaha Have you ever been recognized by your followers in public?

Yes, I have. Honestly,  most of them don’t say anything. They wait until afterward and send me a message. But this one time my wife and I took my cousin’s to a kids amusement park and a girl came up to me and asked me if I happened to be “Laura Cramer from Instagram” but she already knew the answer. It was really funny cause she seemed so nervous, I’m just a normal person. There’s no need to be nervous.

What do those closest to you think of all this? Do they know?

Yes, most of my friends and family know. They are proud of my wife and I. It’s also a little weird for them, to see so many people posting my pictures. In their eyes, I’m still the same, crazy, funny, weird and sometimes a little too serious Laura that they’ve known forever.  hahah.

I mean, I could see how it’d be a little awkward to see your friend posing half-naked online. How do they feel about the sexually suggestive nature of the images you post?

The people in my life are very open minded and love that I don’t care what other people think.

Photo Credit: Laura Cramer

That’s awesome. Do what makes you happy. You’re married… how long have you and your wife been together? Tell us a bit about your love story?

We’ve been through a lot and not always without tears. But after everything our love won. Never ever did I doubt her or us. Come on… Have you seen her?? She changed so much over the years but still just as beautiful as the first time I REALLY looked at her. Inside and out! I’m madly in love with her. August 27, 2007 was the day that changed my life forever. I never was the marriage type of girl, while she gave me multiple hints over the years haha.  I asked her to marry me in September of 2012. We were spending our vacation in Ibiza, waking up one morning and I just knew. I never wanted to spend another day without her.  And if I want something, I just do it. So I asked her that day! 10 months later we got married on June 7, 2013.

Awe… that’s really sweet. It’s pretty obvious that you two are crazy about each other. Do either of you ever get jealous?

I get jealous more than Lisa does. But it’s not often that we get jealous. We both know what we have with each other.

Whoa, with all those followers the two of you have, I’d have thought some lesbian would have gotten in the way. How does social media impact your relationship?

It doesn’t impact it at all. Why should any social media impact your relationship? Because if it did it wouldn’t be worth it for me. She’s far more important than any internet commenter. We’ve gotten some unique opportunities from our social media following. Like my wife has a clothing brand, called The Weird Kids Clothing. Next week we are doing a photo shoot for the line that is going to be featured in a magazine. We also get to work together on our projects for RodeoH. Social media allows us to work together and create art together, if it was a problem, we wouldn’t do it anymore.

Photo Credit: Laura Cramer

How do you describe your personal style? Are you ever afraid to change your appearance based on what your followers think?

I like to wear men’s clothing with a nice fit. I don’t like things that are oversized or sloppy. I don’t have a favorite brand or anything. I just wear what feels good for me. And no, I’m not at all afraid, because no matter what I do or don’t, there will always be people who have negative opinions. So why not do the things you want for yourself. I’m exactly who I want to be. There is no one who can change that.

Is there a difference between Laura in real life and Laura on the Internet?

Personally I say no, because the pictures I post are moments of my life. And when I see them, I see myself. But in some ways, yes there is. Cause I still can’t believe the image people have of me, the comments that people make about me or the things they say are based off of an idea of what people think I’m like, not what I’m actually like.

Do people have misconceptions about you?

I think that some people think my life is perfect. But nothing in life is, so I try to make that clear sometimes through quotes added to my pictures. We all have ups and downs, most people don’t post the downs on social media. My private life is still my private life. People don’t get to see that.

Photo Credit: Laura Cramer

I get what you mean. Most people don’t post the random or boring stuff they’re doing. What is it like to be judged completely based on your looks? Does it ever make you uncomfortable to be sexually objectified?

No, for most of my followers it is the only way they can judge me. Because they don’t know me personally. Instagram is just a bunch of pictures and English is my second language.

What pronouns do you prefer? How do you identify in terms of gender?

I identify as a woman. In the past I didn’t liked it when people called me a man or asked me if I am female or male. It doesn’t bother me anymore. I know that I am a woman and if people can’t see that I don’t blame them. I choose to dress like a man, I never wear makeup and my walk isn’t very girly either haha. I’m me, that’s it.

Do you consider yourself a role model for androgynous and genderqueer folks?

After this interview, YES! Haha, no but really, I don’t consider myself a role model. Though,  I have noticed that some people label me as one.  It makes me proud to know that some do see me like that, but I’m not trying to position myself as a leader for the community, I’m just living my life.

What to learn more about Laura? Follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr.


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  1. I think being ur self is important as happiness… No matter what people think before they know u were a person and I think u continue to be and that is great and amazing… I wish u good goals in life and keep doing what u do… And congratulations for ur marriage…

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