How to Use KEH Camera Sales to Make Some Travel Cash

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Lindsay and I are in the process of making the move to Merida, Mexico. We want to live a life focused on experiences over things – where we’re actually living – rather than just going through the motions. The process of downsizing to a more minimalist existence has been equal parts rewarding and a pain in the ass. But there’s lots of learning in the process. One of the ways that we’ve made money to extend our travels over the years has been through buying and selling our older tech gear. As avid travelers, we’re practically collectors of photography gear. Some of which we use allllll the time – like our GoPros – and some that we buy, use for awhile, and then sell to make some extra cash for that next big adventure.  

One of the sites we use to sell our gear is KEH. We partnered with KEH because they’re the world’s largest online used camera and photography equipment store. We can buy and sell slightly used gear at a better deal than going through some of the big box stores. Plus -it’s a way to make some extra cash or upgrade your photography game without breaking the bank.

Lindsay and I travel with four different cameras for our content- well 5 if you count our phones. Each of us has an iPhone 7 – which has a surprisingly nice camera on it. We also have our trusty GoPros, a Nikon J1 mirrorless travel camera, and a Nikon D3400 which is a low-grade DSLR. I love my Nikon J1 so much that I’m upgrading to the newest model in the series the Nikon J5. Since I’m upgrading my mirrorless camera I wanted to walk ya’ll through the process and show you how easy it is to upgrade at a discount [like us] or just sell some of the gear you have laying around the house.

Selling Used Camera Gear with KEH


Click on the ‘SELL GEAR” tab and search for the make and model of your gear. BOOM – Here’s mine. Now $39.00-$67.00 isn’t bad for a 5-year-old camera, especially when you consider how quickly tech products turn over. There’s practically been three new iPhones since I started writing this post.

Now click the “SELL TO KEH” button on the right-hand side and it’ll bring you to a page where you can tell them a bit more about your camera and it’s condition. One thing I like about this is that you can choose to have the camera sent back to you instead of selling it if they find the price to be lower than what you anticipated – it’s a nice touch that some other sites don’t offer.


Get an online quote for your gear instantly. It even gives you the option if you’d like to get your payment in the form of check, Paypal deposit, or a gift card. I’m opting for the gift card because we’re selling this camera to upgrade and we’ll get 5% more cash back. In this case it’s only $4 but every dollar counts when your passions include $1200 flights.


On the next page you fill in your shipping information and you’re able to print out a shipping label for free to ship your gear to the KEH warehouse.


Voila! Get cash for your next trip!

Buying Used Camera Gear with KEH

I prefer to buy used camera gear because – one it’s cheaper and I get more bang for my buck, but also because buying used prevents a piece of gear from rotting away in someone’s closet when it still has a solid life to live. Or worse in a garbage heap somewhere.

High-end cameras are super expensive and folks are always trying to upgrade to the next big thing. For me – well – I don’t need the top of the line camera – so a pro photographer’s lower grade camera will be like Christmas for me, especially if I can get it at a great rate. I found my Nikon 1 J5 sold with Nikon’s 10-30mm power zoom kit lens listed for $729 which is about $100 more than at the big box stores, but I looked at a couple different makes and models and some prices were more, some were less, and some were right on par with other retailers. The beauty of KEH is that they allow you to buy your camera on a payment plan of 3, 6, or 12-month installments. Which allows me to space my purchase out over time so I’m not hit so hard all at once. This feature is especially nice if you’re buying a higher level DSLR or lens at a much higher price point. For me, on this purchase, it’s worth it to space it out.

Use Promo code LUCKY7  on KEH to get 7% off your order through7/31/17 and is good on all of KEH’s used products. PLUS get an extra 5% bonus every time if you choose KEH Cash/Gift Card as your payment method when selling your gear.