Journal: 30 Lessons Learned By 30

Meg Cale

I turned 30 in Austin Texas. While they did sponsor my stay and one blog post I loved Austin so much that I decided to showcase the city in additional posts. I picked Austin intentionally. I wanted to celebrate this life milestone in a place that matched my values. In my 30s I want to embrace the weird. Invest in creative energy. Own my work. Eat great food. Spend time with the people who matter the most. I’ve learned a lot in my 30 years, way more than can be shared with you in a single blog post but I thought I’d boil it down to nuggets of truth and introduce you to some of my favorite spots in Austin.

Try all the new foods

Austin is known for their incredible BBQ joints. Check out Franklin or LGBT owned La Barbeque.

Getting married isn’t the goal – maintaining a lifelong love IS the goal.

I plan on taking time to date this person for the rest of my life.

Wear that unexpected accessory – no one cares what you have on except you

While we were in town I picked up three vintage scarves at Leighelena on South Congress.

Sometimes having nothing to do is the best thing to do

Visit the Tom’s store on South Congress and grab a cup of coffee. Head out back and enjoy the hammocks, lounge chairs, and cornhole games for a chill afternoon.

Beauty and art are subjective. 

You can find this mural on South Congress Avenue right across the street from Hey Cupcake.


Lindsay was craving a slice so bad that she talked about visiting Home Slice Pizza every day of our trip. They didn’t disappoint.

Wear the swimsuit.

Barton Springs Pool is a great place to spend a hot Texas afternoon.

Try the things that are out of your comfort zone – who knows maybe cowboy boots are for you?

Yup – Austin does have cowboy gear.

Sometimes you just need to change your scenery to get the results you’re seeking.

One night we ventured out to Seersucker because we wanted to break out of the area where we were staying and try something new. It’s all about switching it up.

Self-care is everything. 

Austin gets super hot in the summer time. We made sure we were listening to our bodies and frequently took pool breaks when we needed them.

Sometimes where you eat is just as important as what you eat.

Radio Coffee and Beer has an awesome outdoor deck with two food trucks for guests to have the whole Austin experience. I loved my breakfast tacos and coffee combination.

Experiment creatively – sometimes it works and sometimes you get this picture.

We took this photo at HOPE Outdoor Gallery. It’s one of the coolest places in Austin.

Your struggle helps you learn the value of love.

HOPE Outdoor Gallery changes all the time – come leave your mark.

Take a million selfies and don’t let anyone say you can’t.

The street art in Austin is incredible.

Family doesn’t always mean you share the same blood.

My wife is my whole world.

Laugh more – the world doesn’t have to be so serious.

The wallpaper in the Austin Motel was perfect for silly selfies.

Wear sunscreen

Seriously, wear sunscreen. Your skin will thank you later.

Sometimes the coolest places are right next door.

Won’t you be my neighbor?

Sometimes you’ve just gotta SPLURGE!

Check out my shopping guide for some of the coolest boutiques in Austin.

Be good to the people you love. This may seem obvious but trust me it’s not.

She deserves the best in the world. I’m going to work my hardest to give it to her.

Never be afraid to take risks. Some of them work out and some of them fail spectacularly but they always teach you something.

Every time she does something risky, my heart stops a little bit. If you go to HOPE Outdoor Gallery do this at your own risk.

Keep track of the little details.

We found this beautiful staircase at The Austin Motel.

Let love in

The Austin Motel was the cutest little retro chic landing pad.

Drag queen trivia is not useless knowledge

Name that drag queen? We spotted a bunch of our favorites on the side of Home Slice Pizza.

Everything is connected – trust your judgment – you know when something’s up.

We spotted this neon sign at The Gypsy Wagon boutique.

Take time to contemplate life and reflect on how far you’ve come.

It’s amazing what an early morning and a great view will do for you.

Have the extra cup of coffee – doing little things that make your heart happy will go along way in your success as a person.

Jo’s Coffee has one of the best cups of cold brew I’ve ever had. Order the ‘Turbo’ made with espresso, chocolate, and hazelnut sweet cream.

Listening to live music makes your heart feel alive.

Live music is on every corner in Austin. Whatever your tastes, you’ll find it.

Things won’t make you happy but building relationships will.

In the 4 years Lindsay and I have been together we’ve traveled hundreds of thousands of miles. Those memories will always be worth more than any physical gift I could give her.

No matter how far you travel there will always be someone who loves you back home.

How could you not want to come home to this face?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Visit Austin. The opinions and text are all mine.