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Introducing Foodie Fridays with Tamara and Bella

I’d like to introduce you to the newest columnists for DotR. Tamara and Bella are a couple from New York City with a passion for culinary travel.

Bella and Tam are the foodies behind the popular Instagram account “Come Sit With Us.” As they continue on their journey of life together, they are glad to have three things; food, wine, and each other.
They will be bringing foodie-related travel content every Friday. I sat down with them this week to get a better idea of where their travels have taken them and where they’d like to go in the future.

Tell us a bit about yourselves

Bella: We’re super excited to have the opportunity to team up with Dopes on the Road. We are now responsible for bringing different foods and wines to the table (pun intended). We both love food and get excited to explore food and cultures around the world. As we travel from place to place and meet new people, we seek to find the story behind it all and the heart it takes to make the meal, drink, or restaurant.

If you could recommend one place for us to visit, where would it be?

Bella: Out of all the places we both have been…drum roll…..Cassis, France!

Foodie Fridays with Tamara and Bella- Lesbian Travel-
Photo Credit Tamara Bachelder

Oh really? Why?

Tamara: Cassis, France is a small- off the beaten path- town, it has everything we love! From different foods, to the wines, but most of all the people! The passion the chefs had to make the smallest macaroon or the pride the old man in the café had pouring the wine he suggested to us. Something about this place said more than face value. There was an atmosphere in the air that even as outsiders we felt like we were in our own bed at home. At one point in time, everyone should make it an absolute necessity to visit this often overlooked gem.

Foodie Fridays; Tamara and Bella- Lesbian Travel-
Photo Credit: Tamara Bachelder


What is one thing that a visitor must see to while there?

Tamara: Le Grand Bleu right on Qual des Baux on the southern part of Cassis. While it is called a ‘café’ don’t let the small word fool you! This place is for eating! Their seafood is the best all around. We picked our own wine, but the server was very knowledgeable about what paired well with the dishes we had. If the food doesn’t make you want to plant your roots right there on that seat, the view will. Caution: don’t look up, or your food will get cold!

Photo Credit:
The beach off the coast of Cassis in the Mediterranean is made of rocks. – Photo Credit: Tamara Bachelder

What is your favorite hotel?

Bella: Definitely the Hotel American Dinesen on Via San Vio in Venice, Italy. This hotel was a true mixture of a dollhouse and a museum. We felt like we were in the old world when we stayed there. Very vintage, but still had modernized things like, toilets that flush. Nonetheless, it is as close to ‘old meets new’ as we have ever experienced. What we would give to travel back in time! This wonderful hotel gives us a little taste of what it was like in the old world. Of course, this was a splendid step-up from the hostels we were laying our heads.

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