Most Instagrammable Spots in Louisville

Lindsay Cale

Searching Instagram has practically become part of the trip planning process. What restaurant has the fish tank topped bar?  Al J’s at the Conservatory  Where can I get the best rooftop view? 8UP Elevated Drinkery & Kitchen are things many of us check out before arriving at your destination. We all pretend like we don’t do it but you know you’ll be moving the food around on your table at the next new restaurant you visit. Louisville is certainly not lacking in Instagrammable spots, we loved soaking up the last bits of summer sun and taking pictures together. Of course, some will make it to our social accounts, the one that shows my 13 chins will immediately meet the trash can but most will get saved as another page in the story of Meg and Linds. 

This may seem obvious, but my number one travel pro tip is to walk more. Seriously, you have no idea how much you miss when you’re in an Uber. The same tip goes for getting shots for Instagram. I promise you will see some many details you never expected. Plus, is there anything worse than trying to put your window down as you speed past and awesome mural?

HopCat Brewery

Located on Bardstown road, HopCat Brewery – Louisville is covered in wood, metal, stained glass and exposed brick. The Space is undoubtedly cool.  The mural painted on the side of the building is what grabbed our attention as we walked by. The mural is large and the colors are super bold.  Pro Tip: the mural faces the parking lot. Try to get there in the morning before they open to avoid the cars.

Churchill Downs

Is there anything more iconically Louisville than Churchill Downs? You can’t leave town without getting a glimpse of the horses or trying on a hat or two. Grab your shots of the front gate or the finish line, the two most recognizable spots. Meg, tried on practically every available hat as soon as we walked in. Unfortunately, those shots didn’t make the cut.  Pro Tip: Try to get one from a different perspective, close up of the rail or hoof prints in the dirt?

Here's something to help you get through your Monday... Racing Returns FRIDAY at Churchill Downs!!🙌🏽

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Feast BBQ

I am absolutely not embarrassed to admit that I travel to eat. Feast BBQ is the type of place that makes your head say “wait until I take a picture” and your stomachs screaming “absolutely not”. Sometimes your stomach wins but hey at least you tried. Pro Tip: Shoot your food shots in as much natural light as possible. Sometimes the artificial light makes it look funny colors.  

Angel’s Envy

Louisville and Bourbon, Bourbon and Louisville, can you really experience one without the other? We were blown away by two things on our Angel’s Envy tour, the wonderful smells and how pretty it was.Ignore the judging eye of the middle-aged man in your group and get the shot you want to use to make your brother in law jealous.  Pro Tip: Linger oddly in the back of your tour group so you can get the shot without people in your way.

The heart of Angel's Envy.

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Garage Bar

Located on Market Street, Garage Bar is exactly what you think, a bar in a garage. Only this garage has been completely transformed into a trendy restaurant serving brick oven pizza. They have a giant patio to hang with friends and enjoy a few drinks. Pro Tip: Grab paddles and get a shot of your outdoor ping pong showdown.

Before I Die Wall

There are 2,000 Before I Die Walls in 70 Countries and 35 languages. We were pumped to stumble upon our first on East Market Street. Taking a moment to read what others wrote is inspiring, encouraging and at times downright hilarious. Plus, putting it on social media means it’s true right? Pro Tip: Write boldly enough you can read what you wrote without having to zoom in too far.

Louisville Cream

The second you step into Louisville Cream you know it’s not your standard ice cream shop. They pay such close attention to detail and combine such cool flavors. Without a doubt, they served up the very best banana split I’ve ever had. Pro Tip: Get the sprinkle covered giant animal cracker for the top of your cone. It adds a fun pop of color and is distinctly different.

Big Four Bridge

The Big Four Bridge links Louisville’s Waterfront Park with Jeffersonville, Indiana. If you decide to walk over and back it’s about two miles round trip. One of the coolest features is the LED light system making it look awesome at night too. Pro Tip: Use a tripod or prop your phone on something and use the ten-second timer to get the night shot. When it’s dark a little bit of movement makes a big difference.

21c Museum Hotel

Long hallways, good lighting, a gigantic gold statue of David and life-size red plastic penguins, 21c Museum Hotel should provide you with all the props you need. The attached restaurant Proof on Main also has some bold funky wallpaper. Can you penguin selfie harder than me? Pro Tip: Play with the shadows created by exhibit specific lighting.

Pop Stars! @kehindewiley Portrait of Bintou Fall, 2014 on view at #21cLouisville #contemporaryart

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