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Hotel Review: Ace Palm Springs

Ace hotels are known to be Instagram-hipster chic. Stepping into a room at Ace feels like walking into a Tumblr page. In fact, Ace hotel’s blog is an actual Tumblr page complete with gifs and Ferris Bueller references. Honestly, from the moment I laid eyes on their website, I fell in love with their branding. I think I might have a bit of a design crush on their marketing team. When we arrived on site, it didn’t disappoint. The feel of the place is very relaxed Williamsburg-esque and laid back without trying too hard. The Ace property was actually an old budget hotel with a Denny’s that they’ve repurposed and turned into a luxury property. It’s cool because you can still see some of the signs of the conversion. The Denny’s style bar seating in the restaurant and the large open format pool give away it’s past. I love that they’re using recycled materials to build something useful rather than wasting resources.


Suite- Ace Hotel- Palm Springs-Lesbian Travel-

We started out in a standard sized room that was smallish. There was a large queen size bed that took up most of the room, but it was decent for one or two. We were traveling with three people so we had to go back to the desk and ask for a double. Unfortunately, they were out sold out of double rooms. Fortunately for us, we got upgraded to larger “patio room” with two beds and a couch seating area.


Ace is a higher end hotel chain. Prices range from $350-$890 a night.


Ace is right in the center of town. It’s close to a lot of restaurants and attractions most people would want to see. They also have booze and food on site if you’d rather just hang out by the pool. In the evening they have large fireplaces lit around the property. They bring a very homey camping kind of feel to the property and are the perfect place to zone out and relax.

King’s Highway Restaurant:

Kings Highway Restaurant- Ace Hotel- Palm Springs-Lesbian Travel-

King’s Highway is a former Denny’s turned NYC style brunch restaurant. The food was delicious. I had the Ricotta Pancakes ($13) served with berries, bananas, and honeycomb butter. They were perfect. I got a side of eggs over easy and ordered coffee. Our server was kind enough to bring a large French press out to our table so we can help ourselves to seconds. Also recommended are the avocado toast ($9) and the sage scrambled egg sandwich ($9).

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Customer Service:

Honestly, the hotel was beautiful and I would stay there again. However there were times that I felt a bit ignored. For example, I had to rearrange my room several times and it took an hour and a half to check in. They were very busy and had several people in line. It may have been because the PR team at the national office sponsored our room. Unfortunately as a journalist and blogger it’s sometimes hard to get the genuine experience because we’re outside of their every day routine. That being said, once our room was set, we didn’t encounter any other issues. I actually loved our room so much that I instagramed several photos.

ACE_FRONTDESK-Palm Springs-Lesbian Travel-


LGBT Friendly:

Ace is gay owned and super LGBT friendly. They’ve partnered with several LGBT brands and strive to be as affirming and supportive as possible. While on the property I was with several gender nonconforming women and a trans man and we didn’t experience any negative energy.

This hotel review of Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, California was made possible by a media visit.

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